Managed accounts

Access professional investment management with BT’s range of managed account solutions.

What is a managed account?

Delegate the day to day investment decisions and implementation of your chosen investment strategy to professional investment managers. Managed accounts provide a number of benefits not available through managed funds.

Separately managed accounts (SMAs)

BT Panorama’s SMA solution offers a range of ready-made investment options (models) that you can access through your adviser.

Managed discretionary accounts (MDAs)

BT Panorama’s Tailored Portfolios are tools that allow an MDA Provider to build, manage and implement client portfolios using their own models or those a professional investment manager.

Individually managed accounts (IMAs)

A managed accounts solution for high net wealth clients, starting with an investment minimum of $1,000,000.

To find out more, speak to your Adviser or call 1800 222 790.

BT Private Portfolio

Invest from $1 million in a bespoke investment solution designed to provide an individualised portfolio management service implementing your chosen investment strategy.

Features and Benefits

BT Managed Accounts give you access to a professionally managed portfolio of Australian shares and other asset classes. Whatever your stage of life -building wealth or retirement - BT Managed Accounts allows your investment to reflect your investment objectives.

Clear and concise reports

Know what your portfolio is doing with comprehensive administration and consolidated reporting.

Beneficial ownership of listed securities

You can see the shares purchased on your behalf and receive the potential benefits of income, dividends, franking credits and potential capital growth from direct ownership.

Access to expert investment professionals

Get access to professional fund managers who undertake extensive research to create model portfolios. Models are constructed and dynamically managed based on established valuation principles.

Professional portfolio management based on your investment needs

The team of specialists and portfolio managers will work with you to structure a diversified, tax effective investment portfolio based on your chosen investment strategy.

Around the clock access

Access your portfolio details online 24/7 to check the performance of your portfolio, balance, trading activity and more.

Speak to your adviser to find out more

To find out if a BT Managed Account is right for you, speak to your financial adviser, email or call us on 1800 222 790.

Risks associated with Managed Accounts:

  • You should be aware of the risks when investing, as not all risks can be foreseen. No matter how skilled the investment managers, or how strong the performance of the Model Portfolio is, there is always a chance you could receive less than you invested.

  • The future performance of any specific Model Portfolio offered through this product is not guaranteed.


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