Statement dates and FAQs

Key mailing and distribution dates

For your easy reference, please find the December 2020 quarterly statement mailing and distribution payment dates below.


Pay­ment of

State­ment mailing dates*

BT In­vest­ment Funds 
BT Classic Investment Funds
BT Investor Choice Funds
BT Global Share Fund

From 11 January 2021

From 19 January 2021

Cash Funds
(in­clud­ing BT Pre­mium Cash Fund,
BT Cash Man­age­ment Trust &
West­pac Cash Man­age­ment Trust)

From 5 January 2021

From 15 January 2021

* Dates are indicative only

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When will my pension be paid?

BT Super for Life

All with­drawals and pen­sion pay­ments in­clud­ing Tran­si­tion to Re­tire­ment due on and be­tween 1 July to 10 July are to be paid from 12 to 15 July. To de­ter­mine your pen­sion due date, please log in to your BT Su­per for Life ac­count via on­line bank­ing and check your pen­sion de­tails.

Westpac Pension accounts

All Flexible Income Plan and Variable Income Plan pension accounts with a payment date of 1 July to 5 July (inclusive) will be generated overnight on the 4 July.

Customers with a Westpac bank account will get paid on 4 July, and non-Westpac on 5 July.

Superannuation FAQs

I haven’t received my statement but I need to lodge my tax return for FY 2020-21. When can I expect this?

You don’t need to have your annual statement to complete your tax return, however you can see the expected dates for your statement on the 'Annual statements dates' tab on this page.

I’m an em­ployer mak­ing su­per con­tri­bu­tions on Quick­Su­per (us­ing Choice) into my em­ploy­ee’s nom­i­nated su­per fund, how much time do I need to al­low to en­sure that those con­tri­bu­tions are re­ceived by the nom­i­nated su­per fund(s) by 29 June?

You should aim to have these su­per con­tri­bu­tions made 10 busi­ness days be­fore 29 June 2021.

When is the ef­fec­tive date of my con­tri­bu­tion?

The ef­fec­tive date of the con­tri­bu­tion is the date that BT re­ceives the con­tri­bu­tion, which is not nec­es­sar­ily the date of the trans­ac­tion.

Can I trans­fer funds out of my su­per fund if I make a mis­take?

Trans­fers into a su­per ac­count can­not be re­versed and gen­er­ally will not be ac­ces­si­ble un­til you re­tire. For more info re­gard­ing re­lease of su­per, see http://​​su­per/​learn/​the-ba­sics.asp

Will I re­ceive a tax state­ment for my su­per­an­nu­a­tion ac­count?

No, tax state­ments are not pro­duced for BT Su­per­an­nu­a­tion ac­counts.

Investment FAQs

Will I re­ceive a tax state­ment this year?

If your Fund(s) did paid you any dis­tri­b­u­tions in this state­men­t’s fi­nan­cial year (ex­clud­ing dis­tri­b­u­tions paid ef­fec­tive 1 July, which are con­sid­ered part of the pre­vi­ous fi­nan­cial year), you will re­ceive a tax state­ment. We are not re­quired to pro­duce a tax state­ment if no in­come is paid. Please note that an in­crease in the value of your units as a re­sult of pos­i­tive per­for­mance does not con­sti­tute in­come.

Tax state­ments are not pro­duced for BT Su­per ac­counts be­cause every­thing is taxed at fund level, if you re­quire more in­for­ma­tion please see the Fund Fact­sheet.

Will I re­ceive a cap­i­tal gains tax (CGT) state­ment this year?

If you re­deemed or switched any units in your Fund, or trans­ferred units to an­other in­vest­ment in this state­men­t’s fi­nan­cial year, you may re­ceive a CGT state­ment. We are not re­quired to pro­duce a cap­i­tal gains tax state­ment when no re­demp­tions, switches or trans­fers have oc­curred. Please note that an in­crease or de­crease in the value of your units as a re­sult of per­for­mance does not con­sti­tute a cap­i­tal gain or loss.


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