Getting on with it – life after a major accident

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In 2014, Craig’s life changed dramatically in an instant. But with his wife Jill by his side and the help of a strong support network, Craig is focused on making the most of life. This is his story.

Craig, a keen motorcycle rider, was on a social riding trip which changed his life forever. Having a leg amputated in the accident and also suffering injury to one of his arms, Craig faced significant challenges for his recovery.

When his wife Jill became aware of the extent of Craig’s injuries, she was understandably scared about what their future might look like. “I just really panicked and thought, ‘what are we going to do from here?’” said Jill.

Prepared for the worst

Fortunately, when Craig and Jill relocated from the UK to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, they realised that without a tight network of family and friends locally, they needed to be prepared in case something did go wrong. With this insight, they took out total and permanent disability and income protection cover, a decision that provided them with financial protection when they needed it most.

At the time of his accident, Craig was employed as a truck driver for an aluminium company and while his managers were very supportive after the accident, Craig ultimately decided that he needed to leave his job to focus on his health. The insurance cover meant that Craig and Jill could focus on the rigorous rehabilitation program he needs to follow, and not worry about how they would pay the bills.

A positive attitude goes a long way

Despite the setbacks he’s faced, Craig is optimistic about his future and chooses not to focus on his limitations. Speaking about his positive outlook, he says, “It’s not all doom and gloom, it’s not all bad – there’s a lot of good things that have come from this.” Craig says he has met so many good people in the process, who have now become like family.

He is focused on getting on with his life the best he can, including setting a goal to one day go stand up paddle boarding.

Hope for the best but plan for the worst

It may be important to know which options could be available to try and help protect you and your family’s future, in the event of any unforeseen sickness or injury. Speaking to a financial adviser about your insurance cover could provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Types of life insurance

Term Life insuranceIncome ProtectionLiving Insurance (also known as trauma insurance), and Total and Permanent Disablement insurance.

You can live for today and prepare for tomorrow by checking your protection is right for you. Define your future for whatever comes your way. 

For more information, speak to a financial adviser or visit BT's protection plans pages.

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