Finding the Aussie in your portfolio

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Love your Vegemite on toast or a TimTam slam in winter? Many household brands belong to companies that are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. We’ve listed some below.

Please note that the information below is factual only and does not constitute financial advice, so you shouldn’t consider it a recommendation or advice in relation to any financial product. Before acting on this information you should consider its appropriateness to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

On the local market

  1. Happy little Vegemites will be pleased to know Australia’s favourite spread is still made in Port Melbourne, Victoria and is owned by Bega Cheese – that other great Australian icon which started in 1899 with a butter factory.

  2. The flying kangaroo aka Qantas is not just the world’s second oldest continuously running airline – one of its employees was responsible for creating the inflatable aircraft escape slide raft required in all planes today.

  3. Goodness me, it’s SPC. If you have fond memories of tinned fruit from SPC and Goulburn Valley, these brands are owned by Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd.

  4. Do you hear what I hear? The cochlear implant was invented in Australia in 1978 and is still produced – with constant innovation – by Cochlear Ltd.

  5. Millions of people worldwide access the internet through wi-fi courtesy of Australian inventors. You can still tap into this technology through companies like Netcomm Wireless which specialises in wireless technology for major carriers.

  6. The Bunnings snag, in a similar vein to the democracy sausage, has become a tradition for many Australians seeking a quick bite during their shop for home and garden supplies. For those interested in the hardware chain in their portfolio, the retail side is owned by Wesfarmers, while the warehouse sites are owned by BWP Trust.

Stepping out on the international stock exchanges

Many iconic Australian brands are now owned by overseas companies. You can access shares directly in these companies through brokers or some online trading platforms. Some investors also use managed funds and portfolios to access.

  1. If you haven’t gotten your teeth stuck on a Mintie, you’ve missed out. Minties are part of Allens Lollies, now owned by Nestle.

  2. Aerogard is not only an Australian invention from the CSIRO, it’s a summer necessity. Aerogard and sister-company Mortein (aka Louie the fly) are now owned by Reckitt Benckiser.

  3. Lovers of the Tim Tam Slam – the act of sucking your hot drink through your Tim Tam – might be interested in Arnotts, now owned by Campbell Soup Company.

Considering investing?

If you’ve researched and decided these companies are right for your portfolio, there are two main ways to access them.

  1. Build your own portfolio where you directly buy shares in the company.

  2. Choose an investment product to invest in, like managed funds, which include companies like these as part of the line-up.

Each option has different risks for you to consider, along with different benefits. There are resources on our website and at to help you with your decisions if you don’t have a financial adviser.

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