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Life Insurance – for life

Often we don’t want to think about life insurance, as it comes with the certainty that we, and the people we love aren’t going to be around forever.

But financially fit people know that life insurance is actually about living. It’s about providing the people you care for most with choices when their lives get turned upside down.

Lives can change overnight and at any age, as Victoria personally experienced.

Love and life

“Ten years ago, when I was 32, I married Jack, 38, after a whirlwind romance. We set up home together in an old Victorian semi-detached house in Sydney that needed fixing up. We were so excited about our life together. But life had other plans. Jack died suddenly of cancer before our first wedding anniversary.”

Not according to plan

“My world fell apart. I couldn’t think straight from all the grief and shock. This wasn’t how my life was supposed to turn out. I had loving family and friends, but suddenly there was a huge hole in my life where Jack was supposed to be. I was devastated, and furious at Jack for leaving me alone.”

Victoria was too upset to go back to work for several weeks, but the mortgage had to be paid. She couldn’t believe that everyone else was going on with their lives as though nothing had changed, when everything had changed for her.

Saving grace

“What saved me financially was Jack’s life insurance payout. It took a few months before Jack’s will came into effect, but when I received the lump sum payment, I realised that I had a choice about what to do next. I could almost pay off the house, or pay some of the mortgage and add to my super. Maybe I could travel for a while until I came to terms with what had happened.”

Peace of mind

Victoria didn’t know what she wanted to do, but Jack’s life insurance gave her time to think about it.

“I had no idea about all my financial options, but I was smart enough to know that there were people who did. I decided to talk to a financial adviser. With his help, I paid off some of the mortgage, started a small investment portfolio, and took my mum on a trip to London. Jack’s life insurance gave me peace of mind about my financial life, even though I grieved for him for a very long time.”

A gift

Even though Jack couldn’t be around, his life insurance was an incredible gift to Victoria. It was the gift of freedom to make decisions about her life that weren’t tied simply to paying the next round of bills.

“I now understand that insurance helps you make choices about living. Jack’s gift has allowed me, bit by bit, to live a life that I hope he would be proud of.”

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