Peter Baines: retirement and good sound financial advice

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OAM former Forensic Investigator, key note speaker and Founder & Chair of the charity Hands Across the Water cannot picture himself in retirement.

Picture yourself in retirement?

Are you like Peter Baines? Is there too much fun to be had doing what you do and too many opportunities to take advantage of? Or are you already starting to think about what your life after work might look like. You may even be nearing retirement and want to wind down your working days sooner to take advantage of other opportunities outside of work.

Financial advice

As Peter Baines did not have a lot of wisdom on financial matters, he sought out a financial adviser to come up with a strategy on where he should invest and what he should do with his money. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave it to the experts, and with the many types of financial advice options that are now available, getting some financial advice is easier than ever.

All the insurances you need

After seeing the destruction caused by the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, Peter Baines understands the importance of having insurance cover in place to be prepared for the unexpected. All his cover came from good sound advice from somebody that he trusted. A financial adviser can talk to you about the different types of insurance cover and help you choose the appropriate covers and insured amounts that are right for your situation and circumstances.

Hands Across the Water

The Australian charity Hands Across the Water was set up in late 2005 to raise funds for, and awareness of the children in Thailand who were affected by the Tsunami. The work the charity carries out is focused on improving the lives of the children and their communities today and in the future. Hands Across the Water now supports hundreds of children in multiple locations across Thailand. If you’re interested in helping out with this charity, there are a number of ways to become involved. Visit the Hands Across the Water website to find out more.

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