Peter Baines: podcast series

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Hear from keynote speaker and Order of Australia medal recipient Peter Baines, a remarkable Australian, through our podcast series.

Peter Baines discusses a range of topics including his experience as a forensic investigator in Thailand after the Boxing Day tsunami, sustainable leadership, and why it’s important to do something that you love. Remember to check back over the coming weeks for new podcasts.

Podcast #1 – Hope is not a plan

This podcast is number 1 in our series of 3 podcasts from Peter Baines. Based on his experience as a forensic investigator in Thailand after the Boxing Day tsunami, Peter talks about why it’s essential to value the contributions of your entire team, why you need to discover the passions that motivate your people, and share your victories. He also explains why ‘Hope is not a plan’.

6:53, 2.75 MB

Podcast #2 – Sustainable leadership

This podcast is number 2 in our series of 3 podcasts from Peter Baines. During his time in Thailand, processing thousands of bodies after the Boxing Day tsunami, Peter contemplated why it was that he and his Australian colleagues were leading forensic teams from all over the world. His theory? True leaders are those who take action, who lead with sensitivity and simplicity, and often, lead without authority.

10:08, 4.06 MB

Podcast #3 – Career change

This podcast is number 3 in our series of 3 podcasts from Peter Baines. The 2005 Boxing Day tsunami changed Peter’s life forever. Stepping away from the NSW Police after 25 years in the force, he devoted himself to setting up homes for Thai orphans, and has never looked back. His message? Enjoy what you do or change what you do, because we only get one go.

9:02, 3.62 MB

Hands Across the Water

The Australian charity Hands Across the Water was set up in late 2005 to raise funds for, and awareness of the children in Thailand who were affected by the Tsunami. The work the charity carries out is focused on improving the lives of the children and their communities today and in the future. Hands Across the Water now supports hundreds of children in multiple locations across Thailand. If you’re interested in helping out with this charity, there are a number of ways to become involved. Visit the Hands Across the Water website to find out more.

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