How to get creative with the click of a mouse

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The story of one man, his passion for art and how he made it into his own successful business.

Three years ago, 48-year-old Rob Gray was a family psychologist working for NSW health, earning a decent wage and enjoying the security of a “government job".  With two young children, aged 4 and 2 at the time and a wife working as a National Park ranger, Rob could have been forgiven for staying exactly where he was, completing the payments on his family home and not taking any risks with his future.
But Rob had a dream of working for himself and using his lifelong passion for art.  Already doing occasional weekend courses on art therapy for healthcare professionals, he scoped the web to check out whether there might be a market for an online version of his self-devised program.  Believing there was potential there, he designed a program, and turned it into a hugely successful online art therapy business.
He is now teaching psychologists, social workers and artists how to use art in psychotherapy and he is the only teacher worldwide who offers a certificate course in art therapy.  He has students in more than 20 countries as diverse as Dubai, Colombia, Nepal and Poland.
"I don't regret it for one moment," says Rob, "the freedom it's given me is unbelievable.  Work has become exciting again, I feel totally rejuvenated.  All of this comes from working for myself."
The success of his business has enabled Rob to look at investment opportunities, something that would have been much harder in his former job.  But it was his careful planning while still working in health that allowed him to achieve his dream and an extremely positive work-life balance.
"I'm doing what I was always meant to do and what I love," concludes a very happy Rob.

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