Everlasting summer - living the dream

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A family manages to live the dream and split their time between Australia and Europe.

As a single travel writer I once lived the dream of everlasting summer, spending the Aussie winter in Europe or the US. But then I got hitched and we produced sprogs, severely clipping my wings.

By Daniel Scott

But Australian-English couple Trish Tucker and Joe May, who have two boys, aged 7 and 4, are proof that summer never has to end and that you don’t have to live in one place to be happy and balanced.

Every year, professional clown Joe and juice bar owner Trish spend six months in Australia and six in Europe, travelling the festival circuit with their kids, he performing thought-provoking high-jinks and she purveying nutritious drinks.

What’s more Trish gave up a career as a high-powered finance executive, to do it. “Now I do something I love, keeping people healthy at festivals,” says Trish.

And former teacher Joe, waved goodbye to becoming Britain’s youngest headmaster.

The family own homes in Gloucestershire and the NSW Great Lakes, and have live-in buses fitted with kitchen, beds and bathroom in both countries. They’re just about to embark on their 25th consecutive summer. Their boys also attend school in both England and Australia but, says Joe, “they learn as much from seeing and doing, on the road”.

It’s taken 12 years for this resilient, innovative family to create this enviable life and there’s been sacrifice and heartache along the way. But now both the aptly-named ‘Passion 4 Juice’ and ‘Passion 4 Laughter’ are flourishing.

“You can do it, you can have the life that you want,” asserts Joe May. “Work hard and make it happen.”

“Usually I say this at festivals or schools when dressed in lycra and a tutu,” he adds with a smile, “or when I’ve just climbed through a tennis racket."

While Trish and Joe are definitely having the last laugh, smart financial decisions have helped support them to live the dream of everlasting summer.

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