Nate Johnstone, world champion snowboarder: time to get moving

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He's trying to work at saving for his future, but at the moment, when someone says "superannuation", Nate goes "cringe".

It doesn't matter whether you're a world champion snowboarder or not, it's hard work and smarts that get you where you want to be. Expecting good stuff to land in your lap is not much of a strategy.

Setting some goals

Nate Johnstone made plenty of sacrifices to save the deposit for his first property. That was an important goal, alongside his elite sporting goals. What are yours? Are you writing them down and taking them seriously? You might regret it further down the track if you don't.

Realising your dreams

Just because they seem far away (like the winter Olympics), doesn't mean your dreams aren't achievable. Especially if you can set yourself up financially to support those dreams, and protect yourself; if everything doesn't go exactly to plan. A financial adviser can help you do both.

Dealing with life's setbacks

The disappointments we have are rarely as dramatic as breaking an ankle before the Vancouver winter Olympics like Nate (or injuring yourself while dancing in the ballet). But they can stop us in our tracks. How to get back on the metaphorical snowboard? It's a matter of being prepared for all kinds of contingencies - sometimes even a new career if the old one doesn't suit you anymore.

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