6 figure salary to travel the world

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There’s no greater freedom than the freedom that comes with living off your blog. Not only can you post from anywhere, you also have complete creative control. It’s a freedom that’s physical, intellectual and financial. 

Caz Makepeace figured as much when she turned 30. Throughout her 20s, she and her partner, Craig, had worked all over the world. She was a primary school teacher, he a carpenter. But the point came when their visa options ran out.

“We were still so passionate about travelling and wanted to continue our lifestyle,” Caz says. “So we decided to create something of our own that was location independent.”

They published their first post in 2010. Five years on, the Y Travel Blog draws more than 310,000 visitors per month, has over 4 million followers on Pinterest and earns the Makepeaces a six-figure income.

“We had a wealth of stories, experience and practical tips to offer,” Caz says. “And we really focused on building community. People found our blog to be a warm, welcoming and friendly place and that helped us to grow quickly.”

Y Travel’s popularity has made it an attractive partner for tourism boards and major brands, like Qantas, Ford, Canon and Expedia. “We also sell a couple of ebooks, provide coaching and consulting services, write freelance for other publications and speak at events to do with travel, blogging and social media,” Caz says.

She and Craig have travelled in more than 52 countries. The past 18 months have seen them driving around Australia with their daughters, Kalyra, 7, and Savannah, 3.

“I thought my ultimate dream – to get paid to travel the world – would be impossible. But I’ve created it now, even though I didn’t have a clear map at the beginning. It’s important to follow that voice that tells you that you love something. Just start doing it and, at the same time, think about how you can help other people. Doors begin to open.”

Caz’s story is evidence that by believing in yourself and seizing opportunities, you can live your passion, while creating long-term financial stability.

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