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We have announced our intention to migrate BT Wrap accounts to BT Panorama. Visit the relevant migration hub for all the latest information and resources you might need to help you prepare.

If your total income for the financial year is less than $53,564 in 2019/20 (and $54,837 in 2020/21), making a contribution to super from your own pocket could make you eligible for a tax-free top-up from the government.

MySuper is a simple style of investment option, known as a Lifestage Fund, which invests your super based on your age, so the investment mix adjusts as you get older.

The Superannuation Guarantee requires all employers to make super contributions on your behalf equal to 9.5% of your earnings providing certain eligibility criteria is met*. This is your money for the future.

Benefits Now is a program of benefits exclusive to BT super members offering a range of discounts and deals across health, fitness, travel, entertainment and much more.

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BT Super for Life is BT’s award-winning superannuation product that will transform the way you think about and manage your super, with valuable benefits for every different stage of your life.

Learn how to grow your superannuation savings using various strategies throughout your working life to enjoy a financially rewarding retirement later on.

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* Superannuation Guarantee is not payable if you earn less than $450 in a month. If you earn more than $53,564 per quarter (in 2019/20), the maximum Superannuation Guarantee obligation for your employer is 9.5% of $53,564.