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Whether you have your strategy firmly in place, or are looking for new opportunities, explore our latest market and investment insights for self managed super funds (SMSF).

05 Dec 2019
Traditional methods of defensive investing may not have the desired result in today’s market conditions.
29 Oct 2019
Fidelity article: Growth or value, domestic economic policy, geopolitics, de-globalisation, disruption and sustainable investing are themes to watch for equity investors.
19 Sep 2019
Report from Pendal Group: The average SMSF investor is highly concentrated in domestic investments which may be providing a level of unintended risk.
19 Nov 2019
An SMSF investment strategy should align to the future goals of the members and what they are trying to achieve, and ensures this is done with appropriate consideration of the risks.
03 Oct 2019
There are a range of investment types SMSF trustees can use to incorporate international markets into an SMSF portfolio.
19 Sep 2019
An ETF is an investment fund that holds a basket of securities - such as shares or bonds - that tracks a specified index and is traded on a stock exchange.
12 Aug 2019
What are the benefits of having a younger member in your SMSF?
03 Jun 2019
When running a self-managed superannuation fund, it’s important to be aware of some of the key global and economic environmental factors that may impact your portfolio. We look at five global themes that are currently playing out in world markets and what they could mean for you.
22 May 2019
Research continues to show that a diverse and inclusive workforce affects a company’s bottom-line. We examine the opportunities and why companies like BT are advocating for diversity as part of their sustainable investing approach.
12 Apr 2019
Investors are shifting from only looking at short-term returns to a broader focus on long-term value creation, including the impact a company is having on those around them. We explore sustainable investing in more detail.

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