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Whether you have your strategy firmly in place, or are looking for new opportunities, explore our latest market and investment insights for self managed super funds (SMSF).

12 Aug 2019
What are the benefits of having a younger member in your SMSF?
12 Jul 2019
Planning for retirement and paying superannuation might feel like an extra expense when you’re concerned about cash flow, but not doing so could compromise your financial future.
03 Jun 2019
When running a self-managed superannuation fund, it’s important to be aware of some of the key global and economic environmental factors that may impact your portfolio. We look at five global themes that are currently playing out in world markets and what they could mean for you.
22 May 2019
Research continues to show that a diverse and inclusive workforce affects a company’s bottom-line. We examine the opportunities and why companies like BT are advocating for diversity as part of their sustainable investing approach.

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12 Jul 2019
The month of June saw trade conflict between the US and China hold up as another temporary trade truce was formed. The RBA delivered its first move in its monetary policy since August 2016. Commodities continued to surge, with all major asset classes delivering positive returns for the final month of the financial year.
12 Apr 2019
Investors are shifting from only looking at short-term returns to a broader focus on long-term value creation, including the impact a company is having on those around them. We explore sustainable investing in more detail.
Bryan Ashenden, Head of Financial Literacy and Advocacy at BT, provides an update on the impacts of the Federal Budget to SMSFs.
25 Mar 2019
Including investment alternatives in your self-managed super fund, may provide additional diversification to protect your wealth from market ups and downs. Learn more.
28 Feb 2019
Nothing affects your long-term returns more than structuring your portfolio with the right mix of assets. We share advice on how to do it the right way.
08 Mar 2019
Diversification is likely to be one of the key foundations of a strong investment portfolio. Pendal, one of BT’s key strategic partners, explains this strategy in simple terms.
18 Feb 2019
We take a look at what’s involved and what you need to consider when it comes to having the right investments strategy for SMSFs. Learn more.
25 Mar 2019
To find out what may be in- store for tech giants, we take a closer look at some of the largest posse of American tech stocks trading on the NYSE and NASDAQ, as well as three of China’s biggest internet companies
08 Mar 2019
A fresh period of sustained volatility is, to many, foreign at best, worthy of panic at worst. But there are ways to maintain perspective without getting caught up in the daily soap opera of investment markets. Learn more.

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