Superannuation and retirement buy-sell spreads

This page provides buy-sell spread information for BT superannuation and retirement products.

Buy-sell spreads are an additional cost to you when you make a new or an additional investment, withdraw from or switch investment options to ensure that other members are not disadvantaged by the trading activity arising from applications or redemptions.

BT Super & BT Super for Life

APIR Code Investment Option name Buy-sell spread (%)
- Lifestage 0.32
BTA7639AU Active Defensive 0.19
BTA5118AU Active Moderate 0.23
BTA8610AU Active Balanced 0.29
BTA1267AU Active Growth 0.30
BTA4469AU Active High Growth 0.33
BTA6292AU Index Defensive 0.12
BTA6329AU Index Moderate 0.14
BTA2413AU Index Balanced 0.14
BTA1570AU Index Growth 0.16
BTA1215AU Index High Growth 0.16
BTA9311AU Active Australian Shares 0.60
BTA3009AU Active International Shares 0.40
BTA4584AU Active Global Property 0.60
BTA3075AU Active Global Fixed Interest 0.14
BTA0297AU Cash 0.00
BTA0749AU Index Australian Shares 0.16
BTA3104AU Index International Shares 0.16
BTA5401AU Index Property Securities 0.16
BTA7978AU Index Australian Fixed Interest 0.10
BTA5137AU Index International Fixed Interest 0.20
BTA7669AU Antipodes Global 0.60
BTA0939AU Pendal Technology 0.20
BTA8782AU Pendal Core Australian Shares 0.50
BTA0295AU Pendal Growth Shares 0.41
BTA8643AU Fidelity Australian Shares 0.30
BTA5720AU Magellan Global Shares 0.20
BTA3197AU Tyndall AM Value Australian Shares2 0.40
BTA6816AU T. Rowe Price Global Shares 0.50
BTA6520AU Pendal Australian Property Securities 0.50
BTA5958AU Pendal Global Property Securities 0.25
BTA1038AU ClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Value (Unhedged)1 0.17
BTA0956AU Pendal Australian Bonds 0.12
BTA5729AU Franklin Templeton Multisector Bonds 0.00
BTA2241AU PIMCO International Bonds 0.10
BTA7850AU UBS Australian Bonds 0.11
BTA0294AU Pendal Sustainable Conservative 0.18
BTA0296AU Pendal Sustainable Balanced 0.28
Note that Buy-sell spreads are the same for Super, Transition to Retirement and Retirement options.
1. Effective 6/05/2021, BTA1038AU RARE Infrastructure Value (Unhedged) was renamed to ClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Value (Unhedged)
2. Effective 30/07/2021, BTA3197AU Nikko AM Value Australian Shares was renamed to Tyndall AM Value Australian Shares