Starting a Flexi Payment Plan

The Flexi Payment Plan allows you to nominate a fixed regular income to be paid from your investment directly into your nominated bank account at the end of the investment option's distribution period.

If for any distribution period:

  • your distribution exceeds your nominated payment, then the surplus is reinvested

  • your nominated payment exceeds your distribution, then the shortfall is withdrawn from your investment

  • no distribution is made, your nominated payment will still be made by withdrawing the relevant amount from your investment.

Are you a current BT customer?

This plan is available with BT Investment Funds, BT Classic Investment Funds and BT Investor Choice Funds.

In writing

Complete and return the relevant form to us:

Can’t download or print the form? Contact us to request one be sent to you.

By telephone

Call us on 1300 881 716.

When will the Flexi Payment Plan payment be paid?

Payments are generally made within 10 business days of the end of the distribution period.