What are the benefits of seeing a financial adviser?

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Everyone has different goals in life. But whatever your goals, getting advice from a qualified financial adviser can help bring you closer to achieving them.

It’s not just about planning for the future either. A financial adviser can help adjust your current situation as well as preparing you and your family for the years ahead.

A financial adviser can help you with strategies to:

  • Pay off your home loan quicker
  • Save money and grow your assets
  • Boost your super balance with tax-effective strategies
  • Protect your income
  • Build an investment portfolio
  • Give your kids a head start and help them secure their future

Like any journey, when it comes to your finances, planning is the key. Once you’ve set your goals, a financial adviser can help you map out a practical path to get there. Financial planning also encourages you to protect the progress you make along the way.

A recent survey by Investment Trends showed that people who have used a financial adviser in the last 12 months typically feel better about their financial wellbeing, even after accounting for differences in wealth.*

Financial advisers will explore a number of investment options and strategies with you to help build your wealth, including shares, property, cash and fixed interest investments, term deposits and superannuation.

They will also look at diversifying your investments in a way that is really comfortable for you to help you achieve your goals, helping you choose the balance of risk and return that’s right for you.

Wherever you are on your financial journey, protecting your family and your wealth in the event that something happens is really important. For example, if you were hurt, injured or suffering from a serious illness, you want to be free to rest and recover. Or, in the event of your death, you want your family to continue to enjoy the same lifestyle for years to come. A financial adviser can help you determine the right type and level of cover for your needs.

As BT's Bryan Ashenden says, 'Whatever your goals and ambitions, it’s really important to get moving now and start planning for your best financial future.'

If you're interested in finding a financial adviser, BT is a good place to start. Book your complimentary initial meeting with an adviser here.

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The information is current as at 11/08/2015.

*A sample of 1,863 Australian adults were asked to self-assess their financial wellbeing on a scale of 0 to 5. The average self-assessment score of those who have used a financial adviser in the last 12 months was 3.6, compared to those who have not used a financial adviser in the last 12 months which was 2.9. Investment Trends Advice & Limited Advice Report: August 2014.