Tools and calculators

Make the most of your super with our range of easy-to-use online tools and calculators – each designed to help you plan for today, and prepare you for the future.

Super and Retirement Calculator

Our super and retirement calculator may provide a guide on what income you might have in retirement and how long it might last – based on your super balance today, and what age you might retire at.

Retirement Lifestyle Calculator

A comfortable retirement means different things to different people. Use our calculator to learn more about how much the retirement lifestyle you have in mind might cost. 

Small Change Big Savings Calculator

Small contributions to your super can make a big difference to your retirement income in the long run. Use our calculator to see how small savings on everyday items could impact your retirement.

First Home Super Saver Scheme Calculator

If you are saving for your first home, the government’s First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme allows you to make additional contributions into your super account to use towards a deposit.

BT’s Rollover Tool

The Rollover Tool makes it simple for you to rollover other super funds you may have into your BT super account – potentially saving on account keeping fees and making your super easier to manage. 

Employer Contributions Tool

Would you like us to help set up your employer super payments? Follow the instructions to have your SG contributions paid into your account.