Benefits Now – Rewarding you now and into the future

BT helps you reach your goals into the future. But how about getting rewarded from BT today?

What is Benefits Now?

Benefits Now gives you access to a generous range of offers, special deals and discounts on the big and little everyday things that matter from some leading retailers.

Benefits Now is easy

As a BT super member, you can start taking advantage of the full range of benefits available just by following these easy steps.

If you are a BT Super for Life or BT Super Invest member:

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it online. Follow the prompts on the login page.

For other BT super members:

  • Log onto BT Online

  • Click on the Benefits Now banner image

If you've forgotten your password or can't locate your membership number, call BT on 132 135. Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 6:30pm (Sydney time)

For other BT and Asgard customers:

  • Log onto your investment platform

  • Click on the Benefits Now banner or menu item

There’s always something new

Whether you’re a travel fanatic, enjoy going out to the movies or are just looking to reduce your everyday expenses, Benefits Now has something for you.

Keep an eye out, as we’re always adding new offers from our premium partners or ask us about having the latest offers emailed to you.

Not an existing BT super member? You can access all of these offers and more with a BT Super for Life account