Features you'll enjoy with every super account from BT

  • Investment choice to suit you
    From ready-made investment mixes to trading individual shares; how your super is invested is up to you.

  • Sustainable investment options
    You can choose sustainable investments for your super, to help us get to a better tomorrow.

A superannuation account that’s integrated with your online banking and is easy to take from job to job. Simple to join, grow, track.

Designed for:
People who want a simple online super account.

Design your super's investments to be as individual as you are, with shares, managed funds, ETFs and more – the choice is yours.

Designed for:
People who want a wider range of investments for their super.

One place to access a world of investment opportunities and the power to trade, transact and manage your SMSF on one platform.

Designed for:
People who want to take full control of their super.

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Self managed super (SMSF)

Set up

All online opening

All online opening

BT SMSF Solutions can be applied for online and over the phone with support from our SMSF concierge.


Managed for you. Invested according to your age by default.

Alternatively, you can choose from different investment mixes. 

You choose and manage your own investments. 

You choose and manage your own investments.

You are responsible for running your SMSF and keeping it compliant.


Professionally managed fund invested for you by default based on your age.


Your choice of 38 options

  • Managed funds 
  • Cash

More than 2,300 options

  • Managed funds
  • Shares
  • ETFs
  • Managed portfolios
  • Cash & Term deposits 

A broad range of options

  • Managed funds 
  • Shares
  • ETFs
  • Managed portfolios
  • Cash & Term deposits 
  • Supports property and other investments


Pre-approved for eligible members

You can apply for tailored insurance

Insurance must be considered as part of your SMSF strategy. You may choose to hold insurance within your SMSF or outside of it.

Speak to an adviser for further information. 

Admin fees
and costs

$4.66 pm / $55.92 pa
+ 0.28% pa of your balance (no cap)

$45 pm / $540 pa
+ 0.15% pa of your balance (capped at $1,500)

SMSF expenses are often fixed dollar costs and include annual costs from ATO levy, taxes and independent audit.

SMSFs with less than $200,000 are unlikely to be cost competitive as a large retail super fund. 

Read more about SMSF costs

fees and costs

Managed funds
0.15% to 1.38%pa

$12.50 per trade, or 0.11% of the transaction value (if greater)

Managed funds
0.18% to 1.73% pa
(charged by the fund manager)

0.04% to 1.76% pa
(charged by the manager)

Managed portfolios 
0.34% to 1.16% pa
(charged by the issuer)

There is a difference between SMSF investment costs and the fees you’d pay in a large super fund.

It is important to consider investment costs, in addition to other setup and running costs to determine if an SMSF is right for you. 

Read more about SMSF costs

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