Open up your SMSF investment opportunities

When it comes to investing for your self managed super fund (SMSF), it’s one thing to understand the importance of diversification and another to put it into practise. But finding the next investment opportunity for your SMSF isn’t always easy.

BT SMSF is an online SMSF platform that opens up your investment options and helps take away the complexity. 

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Screenshot of the portfolio view on Panorama

Access a world of SMSF investments, in one place

Choose from thousands of investments – including Australian shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs), term deposits, managed funds and professionally managed portfolios – and buy them all on the one platform without the need for forms or paperwork each time you invest.

Track your SMSF investment portfolio

See the big picture or dive into the detail. Smart portfolio tools like automated reporting put you in control and help you stay on track.

Monitor your portfolio, performance, contributions, pensions, income and upcoming dividends.



Online SMSF investment platform

Panorama Investments gives you access to:

  • Thousands of investments in one place – Australian shares, ETFs, term deposits, managed funds and professionally managed portfolios

  • An integrated bank account

  • Market updates, company information and fund fact sheets 

  • Smart portfolio tracking tools.

Designed for:
SMSF investors who already have an accountant to manage their annual tax and audit paperwork.

Learn more about Panorama Investments

Investment platform + tax + audit

If you choose to combine Panorama Investments with our SMSF Administration Service you’ll get:

  • All the investment platform features

  • Your SMSF tax return

  • An independent audit

  • Help to stay compliant.


Designed for:
SMSF investors who would prefer an end-to-end solution with an integrated tax, audit and compliance service.

Learn more about Panorama Investments

Learn more about our SMSF Administration Service

image of man using navigator tool

A navigator to help you find your next SMSF investment

It’s great when you know what you’re looking for, but what about when you’re fresh out of ideas? Use the Investment Navigator to find investments in categories like International, Income, Property, Manager costs under 0.25% pa and more.

See the news and information that matters

Get relevant market updates related to your portfolio, and access the latest company information and fund fact sheets.

Screenshot of the market updates available through Panorama
Lady holding phone

Your SMSF in the palm of your hand

Check your SMSF balance and performance anytime, anywhere. You can even buy and sell investments straight from your phone – so you’ll never miss your next investment move.

Save time at end of financial year

Easier contributions and pension tracking
Using your integrated BT Cash Management Account, it’s simple to categorise your SMSF cash transactions and keep track of those all important contributions and pensions.

Never misplace a document
Store, share and protect all of your important SMSF documents online, so you won’t have to worry about missing paperwork at tax time.

Optional accountant access
If you want, you can give your accountant access to view your Panorama Investments account and documents stored in your online document library (don’t worry you can flag a document as private too). It makes tax time a whole lot easier.

Screenshot of the secure online document library

Award winning online platform

BT Panorama won ‘Best Technology Offering’ at the  Conexus Financial Superannuation Awards, 2017, 2018 and 2019.1

Buy and sell in the time it takes for your morning coffee

Buy and sell a wide range of investments online, just like you’d trade shares. Without forms or paperwork each time.

Sustainable investing made easy

Environmental, social and governance ratings for sustainable investing.

Help when you need it

When you have questions our dedicated SMSF consultants and support team are here to help.

Pay for your account#  

The following administration fees apply to your account:

0.15% pa

of your total balance up to $1 million (capped)*

Plus your selected investment menu:

Full Menu - $540 pa

Access our full range of:

✔ Australian shares and ETFs
✔ Term deposits
✔ Managed portfolios - find out more (PDF)
✔ Managed funds - view the Full Menu (PDF)

Compact Menu - $180 pa

Access a select range of:

✔ Term deposits
✔ Managed portfolios - find out more (PDF)
✔ Managed funds - view the Compact Menu (PDF)

But not:

✘ Australian shares and ETFs

Plus expense recovery of up to $80 pa:

The exact amount deducted will be confirmed in your annual statement.

Pay for your investments# 

In addition, and depending on your investment choices, the following fees and costs may apply:

Term deposits


Trading shares & ETFs

$12.50 per trade, or 0.11% of the transaction value (if greater)


Varies (charged by the manager)

Managed funds

Varies (charged by the manager)

Managed portfolios

Varies (charged by the issuer)

# Other fees, costs and charges may apply to your account, such as buy/sell spreads. Conditions, fees and charges apply for BT CMA and term deposits issued by Westpac. Westpac may change these or introduce new ones in the future. For further details, please refer to the BT Panorama Investments Investor GuideBT Panorama Investments Additional Information and Terms Booklet,  BT Cash Management Account and BT Cash Management Account Saver and Related Payment Services Terms and ConditionsBT Cash Management Account Fees and Charges Brochure and Interest Rate Schedule and BT Managed Portfolios PDS and Investment Options Booklet - Offer A.

Other management, transactional and operational costs may apply to an ETF, managed fund or managed portfolio option. For further details, please refer to the relevant disclosure document(s) for the managed fund or managed portfolio option.

Current as at 18 February 2019. Fees and costs are subject to change.

* Nil on balances over $1 million.


Additional services

You can choose to add the following additional services:

Tax and audit from $2,186 pa

We offer a choice of three simple administration packages - Core, Connect and Custom. So you’ll have the certainty of a flat dollar fee, plus the flexibility to add extras when you need them.

All costs are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.


$1,900 pa
Annual audit
$286 pa 

Designed for SMSFs who:

  • Hold all assets in their BT Panorama Investments account or selected BT platfoms1 
  • Hold Australian property (First property included)

Find out more.



$2,500 pa
Annual audit
$286 pa

Designed for SMSFs who:

  • Hold a mix of assets in their BT Panorama Investments account and externally2 
  • Hold Australian property (First property included)
  • Have segregated assets (Additional fees apply)

Find out more.



From $3,500 pa
Annual audit
$286 pa

Designed for SMSFs who:

  • Hold a mix of assets in their BT Panorama Investments account and externally2 
  • Hold Australian property (First property included)
  • Have segregated assets (Additional fees apply)
  • Hold more complex assets (e.g. derivatives, options, collectibles or foreign trading accounts)

Find out more. Call 1300 554 267 to ask us for a quote.

Additional fees



Trust Deed replacement


Government charges

ATO and ASIC fees

Ad­di­tional ser­vices
eg Changes in your trustee, Additional tax services, Actuarial certificates

You have the flex­i­bil­ity to add these when you need them, so you only pay for what you need

Current as at 1 June 2019. Fees and costs are subject to change.

 1. Assets can be held in selected BT platforms including BT Panorama Investments and BT Wrap.
2. Assets that may be held externally include domestic assets (term deposits, listed equities, managed funds, managed portfolios, platforms and property), ASX listed instalment warrants (directly held), widely held trusts (unlisted), private unit trusts or companies, gold/silver bullion (via a bullion house) and directly-held foreign assets (cash, term deposits or listed securities).

Find out more about fees and costs
If you want to know more about the fees and costs please refer to the BT Panorama SMSF Administration Service Guide.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see a full list of investments available?

You can see a full list of investments online when you login to your Panorama Investments account. If you know what you’re looking for you can search using the name, ASX code or fund (APIR) code. Otherwise, you can use our Investment Navigator to find your next investment.

You can open an account without making a deposit.

You can also find out more here:


Full Menu

Compact Menu

Australian shares and ETFs
Access to over 3,000 ASX listed securities, including:

-  Australian shares
-  Hybrid securities
-  Interests in exchange traded funds (ETFs)
-  Interests in property/investment trusts.

Term deposits
A range of Westpac term deposits.

Managed funds
A range of professionally managed funds.

550+ funds

Select list

Managed portfolios
Read the PDS to learn more about the portfolios available.

Full List
View PDS

Select list
View PDS

Do I need to transfer all of my portfolio to BT SMSF?

No. You can simply make your next investment move with BT SMSF or, when you’re ready, we can help you in specie transfer over your existing SMSF holdings to get the full picture of your portfolio. The choice is up to you.

I already have a bank account, why do I need another?

At the heart of BT SMSF is your Panorama Investments account which includes an integrated BT Cash Management Account (BT CMA). All of your Panorama investment transactions - including when you buy, sell or receive dividends - will be transacted through your BT CMA. Your fees will also be deducted from your BT CMA.

You can still keep any other bank or cash accounts you have for your SMSF. However it’s good to know that the more you use the BT CMA for all your day-to-day SMSF transactions, the more you’ll get out of the smart tools and reports to help you track contributions, pensions, upcoming income and dividends.

Do I need to start a new SMSF with BT?

No, you don’t need to start a new SMSF.

BT SMSF is an investment platform and optional tax and audit service that can help support the SMSF you already have.

What if I already have an adviser or accountant?

BT SMSF is designed for self-directed investors who do not have an adviser. Although we can put you in touch with an adviser whenever you need expert help.

If you have an accountant, you can choose to give your accountant view only access to your BT Panorama account so they can see your portfolio, transactions, reports and documents. This will make tax time easier for everyone.

If you have an adviser, we recommend you speak to your adviser to discuss if BT Panorama may be right for you. Your adviser can help you open your account and manage your portfolio.

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What you need to know

1. BT Panorama won ‘Best Technology Offering’ at the Conexus Financial Superannuation Awards, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The awards recognise excellence in the superannuation industry and an independent committee selects the winners. Awards are opinions only, are not recommendations and are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding to acquire, dispose or hold interests in a BT Panorama Investments account. Awards and ratings are current at the time of publication but are subject to change.

The information on this website has been prepared by BT Portfolio Services Ltd ABN 73 095 055 208 AFSL 233715 (BTPS) and is current as at August 2018. The information provided is general in nature and does not take into account your personal needs, objectives or circumstances and therefore, before acting on it, you should consider whether it is appropriate for you and read the disclosure documents, including the terms and conditions or Product Disclosure Statement, before making any decision. All examples and images are for illustrative purposes only. Your portfolio value and performance are likely to be different and will depend on the investment options you have selected and the time period over which you are invested in those options. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

BT Portfolio Services Ltd ABN 73 095 055 208 AFSL 233715 (BTPS) operates Panorama Investments. Westpac Financial Services Ltd ABN 20 000 241 127 AFSL 233716 (WFSL) is the responsible entity and issuer of interests in BT Managed Portfolios. Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714 (Westpac) is the issuer of the BT Cash Management Account (BT CMA). Together, these products are referred to as the Panorama products.

A Product Disclosure Statement or other disclosure document (PDS) for the Panorama products can be obtained by contacting BT on 1300 554 267 or by visiting You should obtain and consider the relevant PDS before deciding whether to acquire, continue to hold or dispose of interests in the Panorama products. In addition, BTPS is the provider of the Panorama SMSF Establishment Service and the Panorama SMSF Administration Service. The Guide and Terms and Conditions for these services are available on or by calling 1300 554 267.

BTPS and WFSL are subsidiaries of Westpac. Apart from any interest investors may have in Westpac term deposits, Westpac securities, BT CMA and BT CMA Saver acquired through the Panorama operating system, an investment  acquired using the Panorama operating system is not an investment in, deposit with or any other liability of Westpac or any other company in the Westpac Group. These investments are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment of withdrawal proceeds and loss of income and principal invested. Westpac and its related entities do not stand behind or otherwise guarantee the capital value or investment performance of any investments  acquired through the Panorama operating system.

Conditions, fees and charges apply for BT CMA and term deposits issued by Westpac. Westpac may change these or introduce new ones in the future. For term deposits issued by Westpac you may be entitled to payment under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme in the event that Westpac becomes insolvent. Payments under the Financial Claims Scheme are subject to a limit for each depositor for eligible deposits held in Westpac. Information about the Financial Claims Scheme can be obtained from BT CMA and term deposits are available only in Australia from Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714.



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