Employer contributions to BT Super for Life

How to make super guarantee contributions into your employees' BT Super for Life accounts.

What you need to know to make employer contributions

BT Super for Life is a complying superannuation fund, which accepts employer contributions.

How to make a contribution

Make a contribution to BT Super for Life by one of the following methods:

SuperStream compliant contributions

Employers can make SuperStream compliant super contributions for employees using the Choice of Super Fund form.

Alternative payment methods

Employers who are not yet making contributions in compliance with SuperStream can make payments into their employee's nominated super account using the alternative payment options below:


Pay into the following account:
BSB: 262-410

Account Number: Member number (1********)
Account Name: Employee's name
EFT Description:

  • Use SG for Superannuation Guarantee contributions
  • Use SS for Salary Sacrifice contributions
  • Use EA for Employer Additional contributions
  • Use MV for Member Voluntary contributions (after tax)

Payments made into this account using the above details are direct credited without manual intervention, therefore these details cannot be used for contributions for other employees.


Customer Reference Number: Individual 9 digit account number (1********)

Biller Code:

  • 31864 for Superannuation Guarantee contributions
  • 31880 for Salary Sacrifice contributions
  • 31872 for Employer Additional contributions
  • 31898 for Member Voluntary contributions (after tax)

Details cannot be used for contributions for other employees.


Made payable to 'BTFG - SFL - (investor name)' and posted to:

Mailing Address:
BT Super for Life
GPO BOX 3958
Sydney NSW 2001

You should include written advice containing your employee's name, account number and the type of contribution with your cheque. Please include your contact details so that we can contact you if we need further information.

1. A completed copy of our Super Choice form

This includes instructions on how to make contributions and also confirms we are a complying fund. Ensure all employee details are added. BT does not require a completed copy of this form.

2. An email from BT with instructions on how to make contributions

This is an alternate and valid way for an employee to advise details of their super fund. You simply need to keep the email on file as part of your employee records.

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