Important notice

BT Super, BT Super for Life – Superannuation, BT Super for Life – Retirement or BT Super for Life - Westpac Group Plan account  merged into the Mercer Super Trust on 1 April 2023. ​If you have any further queries, please contact Mercer Super on 1800 682 525 Mon to Fri 8am – 7pm (AEST) or visit the Mercer website to find out more about the transfer.​

BT Super Invest is designed for people who want a wider range of investments for their super.

BT SMSF is designed for people who want to take full control of their super.

Life is a series of choices or moves. Understand how to better manage your personal finances and build the confidence to make every move a smart one.
Understand how to build financial security for you and the people who matter in your life, financially, now and into the future.
If you have started considering what retirement might mean for you or if you are working on a plan for a great future, we can help you to understand what you need to think about.

Additional Information

BT Funds Management Limited ABN 63 002 916 458 trustee of BT Super, BT Super for Life and BT Super for Life – Westpac Group Plan part of Retirement Wrap ABN 39 827 542 991.