Administering your portfolio

There are a number of online solutions that can help you deal with the administration tasks associated with managing a portfolio of investments (including any related superannuation and insurance) by keeping them, and the associated reporting, all in the one place.

Managing your investments

Managing your investments can be time consuming and complex. It’s not just about setting and forgetting. For example, in the case of shares, you need to manage your trades, ensure you have available cash to enable those trades, receive income, manage your tax position and any corporate actions, all in addition to keeping an eye on the overall performance of your portfolio.

This workload is compounded if you then take into account the workload required to manage your superannuation and insurance.

Tools to help you manage

Not everyone has the time or the desire to manage all of this themselves. Fortunately there are tools that can help.

These tools are designed to help you manage the administration that comes with investing as well as providing one central online portal to hold your investments, make payments and receive income, buy and sell investments, report on all aspects of your portfolio’s value and performance and prepare your relevant consolidated tax statements. 

There are a range of these administration solutions available - you may have heard them mentioned using terms like ‘wraps’ and ‘platforms’. Some are designed to be used in conjunction with an adviser and others that are designed to be used if you have chosen to look after things yourself.

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