The value of good financial advice

When it comes to financial advice, everyone is different. Some people want to do it all themselves, only needing help at crucial times such as when they’re changing jobs, retiring or making a large investment. Others want confirmation on the decisions they’ve already made.  Or they may want a financial mentor who can help them with every financial decision.

The different types of financial advice

There are a range of financial advice options available, from ‘bite-sized’ advice on particular aspects of your financial situation to more holistic advice that looks at your complete financial situation. You can choose how you would like to receive this advice, over the phone, via video or in person. The types of advice include:

  • General advice on life insurance, investing and wealth products - This can provide you with insights and support on a range of topics including investments, life insurance and super. As the advice for this option is general, it will not take into account your individual needs, objectives or situation.

  • Personal advice on specific needs - This provides you with personalised recommendations on specific areas such as insurance, superannuation or investments that take into account your personal circumstances.

  • Personal advice that looks at your whole picture - Here you can receive comprehensive advice on your complete financial situation with an in-depth tailored plan based on your personal situation, objectives and needs.

Tailoring advice to your needs at the time

  • Start out with some General Advice - If you’re looking for factual information to help you make your own decisions about your superannuation, insurance or investment needs, then general advice might be for you.

  • Advice on a single topic - If you need tailored personal advice and recommendations on a specific area such as your life insurance, super or investments, you might consider this approach.

  • Holistic advice - This is comprehensive advice which considers your broader circumstances and provides you with fully tailored recommendations and strategies to manage aspects of your financial needs and wealth building goals. 

These days, you can access advice in a way that suits you. Whether you choose to speak to someone over the phone or meet face to face, there’s a range of options available to you.

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