BT Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance

BT’s TPD insurance pays a lump sum in the event you become totally and permanently disabled and are unlikely to work again.

Why BT TPD insurance

BT’s TPD insurance pays a lump sum in the event you become totally and permanently disabled and are unlikely to work again.

  • Choose the definition that’s right for you; Own occupation, Any occupation, Home maker or General

  • Use super to pay for premiums by owning the cover inside super, and use super-linking options to top up definitions with cover outside super

  • Loyalty benefit that provides an additional 5% at claim time once the policy has been in force for more than three years

  • Future Insurability benefit to allow you to increase the cover in the future upon certain life events without being medically underwritten

Features & benefits

Change cover as you need to

You have the option to change your level of cover so your policy continues to suit your needs no matter what life stage you're at.

Guaranteed continued cover

All BT Protection Plans are guaranteed to continue for the term specified. This means that as long as you continue to pay your premiums, your cover will continue, even if your circumstances change.

Product upgrades

All new product upgrades, that don't result in an increase in premiums, are automatically applied to your existing policy so you continue to hold the most up-to-date BT Protection Plans product available.


BT’s TPD insurance can be added to your Term Life policy or taken as a standalone policy.

Low-cost fees

Take out $750,000 of Life and TPD cover for as little as around $4.40 per day1.

1Based on rates for BT Protection Plans current as of June 2016. Cost based on Term Life insurance with additional any occupation TPD insurance for a 45 year old, non-smoking, male, marketing manager, living in NSW, paying a stepped annual premium.

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