Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance

TPD insurance pays a lump sum in the event you become totally and permanently disabled.

Why TPD insurance?

Have you ever considered what your financial future would look like if you became disabled and were never able to work again?  Even if you have income protection, you may be facing medical, rehabilitation and support costs, a lower income and no ability to increase your income over your working lifetime.

Meet medical bills and regular expenses

TPD cover can offer financial assistance in the form of a lump sum to help you meet medical and rehabilitation costs. The lump sum can also assist with living expenses and financial debts such as mortgages and loans.

A choice of TPD cover options are available to suit your different needs. For example, you can select to be covered if you can't work, can't perform domestic duties, or if you suffer a permanent disability that prevents you from performing everyday tasks.

Access to continued support

Along with valuable financial support, BT's TPD cover can also include a counselling benefit for you and your family that becomes available after the TPD benefit has been paid.

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