Business insurance – it’s smart business practice

There are different kinds of insurance you might need for your business.

Take away the ‘what if’ factor

There’s plenty that can go wrong in business – even if you’ve been running your own for years.

Having appropriate business overheads insurance reduces some of the risks.

Bring certainty to your business

Business overheads insurance provides a monthly benefit for up to 12 months to cover the fixed costs of your business if you're unable to work to your full capacity due to sickness or injury.

Cover is available for a range of fixed business costs including rent, gas and electricity to help keep your business going.

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We have a range of insurance products to protect you and your family

Knowing which types of insurance to select depends on your circumstances. We explain what to look for.
Discover the different types of insurance that can protect valuables like your home and contents, your car – and even your holiday plans.
When a crisis occurs, your insurance kicks into action. BT offers our insurance customers a dedicated claims team, who aim to make the process quick and easy.

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