Claims philosophy

Our claims team are here to help you every step of the way

We understand that anyone making a claim is doing this during a very challenging time in their lives. Our claims team are trained and empowered to assess claims promptly and fairly, providing real support and helpful advice during the claim process.

Our claims philosophy

We believe in fairness...

We believe in honouring the intent of the policy by referring precisely to the policy.
If the circumstances of the claim remain unclear according to the policy, we will apply the common understanding of fairness and include consideration of what the policy was designed and priced for.

Wherever there is ambiguity we will favour the customer…

When we assess “fairness” we refer to all customers not just those making a current claim. Part of our role is to protect customers from non-genuine claims being paid.

We believe in promptness...

We understand people often make Life Insurance claims in a time of great need and that administrative delays can cause harm. We will always seek to pay genuine claims promptly and endeavour to continually improve our responsiveness.

We believe every customer and claim circumstance is unique...

We know that to resolve claims effectively for our customers’ benefit we need to treat people with empathy and consider their situation holistically. Our claims people need to be allowed to adapt their service to meet customer needs.

We believe that transparency leads to better claim outcomes...

When we ask for claim ‘proofs’ we understand that we must be able to explain why we need them. We know our customers do not always understand policy documents and we have a role in educating them – always ensuring they receive their maximum entitlements even if they are not aware they have a particular claim.

We are responsible with private information...

We maintain our records as a responsible and ethical corporate citizen. This includes maintaining the privacy, accuracy, and security of personal sensitive information.

We aspire to have our customers achieve better health outcomes than those without insurance, following a disabling event...

We understand that long term worklessness is a serious health risk and we will use our expertise and resources to help customers get back on their feet and achieve maximum recovery following an accident or sickness. We want to support our customers back to sustainable work for their long-term health.

We respect and work with stakeholders openly and with humility...

We are only part of a process that can deliver the best experience. We value the role of the adviser, the treating doctor, family support and any partners providing services for our customers.

Hear Wendy's claims story

In 2010, Wendy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an incurable and debilitating condition that changed her life overnight. This is her story.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about our claim process, contact us to chat about how we can support you. Please call us on 1300 553 764, Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.30pm (Sydney time).  Alternatively, email us anytime at

If you’re unsure whether you can make an insurance claim, speak with your financial adviser. If you do not have a financial adviser, or would prefer to contact us directly, call 1300 553 764 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:30pm (Sydney time).

Our Claims Specialists will support you through the entire claim process.

To provide feedback and resolve any concerns contact our Customer Relations team on 132 135, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm (Sydney Time).

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