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Confirming your identity

What do I need to confirm my identity?

To confirm your identity, we suggest you provide at least two forms of ID. Providing more than one form of ID will increase your chances of being successfully verified online.

We accept the following ID types:

  • Current Australian driver’s licence
  • Current Medicare card
  • Current passport or passport that expired less than two years ago

How long will it take to confirm my identity?

Once you have provided your ID information, you will be given the results of the check almost instantly.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, BT Financial Group is very serious about the level of security used to protect the information which passes between your computer and our secure web servers. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

How will my information be used?

Your personal information will primarily be used to verify your identity and for the purposes of creating an online profile with BT Financial Group.  Refer to our Online identity verification terms and BT Privacy Policy for further information.

Can I start my application, then come back and confirm my identity later?

No, unfortunately you cannot confirm your identity later. You must confirm your identity to progress your application. Otherwise, you will need to start over again.

Can I change the personal details I provided in a previous step?

No, you cannot go back and change details provided in a previous step. Please contact our Customer Relations Team on 1300 881 716 if you are experiencing issues with your application.

Why did my identity verification fail?

Identity verification can fail if your ID information was not entered correctly or did not match the referenced databases.
For security reasons, we cannot specify where the error occurred. We suggest you review the ID information you provided and ensure everything matches what is displayed on your documents. Adding extra forms of ID will increase your chances of being successfully verified online.

How can I find more information, such as details about fees and features?

You can refer to the following links for more information:

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