BT and Striver address advisers’ search for talent

BT has launched a program to tackle the financial advice industry’s talent shortage, collaborating with Striver, a tech-based human resources platform specialising in helping guide graduates and those who are in the early stages of their careers.    

The program includes more than 20 events across Australia, attended by graduates and representatives from advice practices. To date, two virtual speed networking events have been held in Sydney and Brisbane, resulting in 85 first-round job interviews for new entrants to the profession.

In addition to these events, the collaboration encompasses a range of activities focusing on attracting, developing and retaining talent in the advice industry.

Matt Rady, CEO of BT, said: “Increasingly, we’re hearing from advisers that one of the key challenges they are facing is attracting and developing the next generation of advisers. We see our collaboration with Striver, who specialise in the advice industry, as a natural extension of our ongoing support for advisers, to help them thrive.

“Providing specialist coaching and training opens up pathways to financial planning careers, which graduates may not have otherwise considered. We need more people to pursue the noble profession of financial advice, so that more Australians can access the advice they need to achieve their goals and build a better financial future.”

Alisdair Barr, CEO and Founder of Striver, said: “We are really proud to have opened up the potential for a rewarding career in financial advice to more than 20,000 candidates. We look forward to working with BT in the year ahead, with an exciting line-up of targeted activities that bring together quality candidates and advice practices that are seeking to grow and strengthen their business.”

Since launching in 2013, Striver has facilitated nearly 1,000 successful placements across the wealth management and advice industries. As part of its on-campus activities, Striver generates greater recognition of the merits of a career in financial advice, particularly among students and graduates who may not have necessarily studied to become financial advisers but have gained academic qualifications which have a natural synergy with advice.

Looking ahead, BT will be raising awareness on career pathways in advice by showcasing experienced advisers through podcasts and social media channels. Graduates as well as current advice employees will have the opportunity to participate in mentoring programs and practical online training, with BT’s employees sharing their expertise as mentors.

BT’s commitment to supporting advisers includes addressing key business challenges such as keeping abreast of regulatory developments and compliance obligations, and meeting continuing education requirements.

Since the start of the continuing professional development (CPD) season in 2023, BT’s technical services team has delivered 45 events, equating to 15 CPD points, and reaching over 3,000 advisers. In the six months to March 2023, BT has either organised, sponsored or participated in 125 adviser-focused events and similar activities.

“We want to help attract a new generation of advice professionals, and showcase the value of advice and the difference it can make in Australians’ lives,” said Mr Rady. “BT will be there at every step of the way, alongside advisers, listening to what matters to them and their clients, and taking action to support a bright future for the advice profession.”


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