Activam launches on BT Panorama, as managed accounts FUA grows by 18%

Activam launches on BT Panorama, as managed accounts FUA grows by 18%1

Today BT announced the launch of the Activam Group managed account on BT Panorama — adding to the 300-plus managed portfolios on BT Panorama.2

The launch of the new product continues the unabated growth of separately managed accounts (SMAs) on BT Panorama, with advisers showing a strong preference for investing in diversified portfolios in recent years. In 2018, the proportion of funds under administration (FUA) in managed portfolios on BT Panorama which were invested in diversified portfolios was 51%; since then, this proportion has steadily grown to 90%.3 Over 30 managed portfolios have been added to BT Panorama in calendar year 2023, all of which are diversified.

FUA in BT’s managed portfolios increased by 18% in the year to 31 August 2023; and managed portfolios comprise 13% of BT Panorama’s total FUA (excluding Tailored Portfolios and Adviser Portfolios).

Activam Group is an investment firm with total funds under management and advice exceeding $5bn. The new SMA will initially be made available for the client base of Right Advice Wealth Management, and is a continuation of the two-year relationship between the investment manager and financial planning firm.

Right Advice’s objective was to find a wealth management solution that provided investment opportunities in diversified asset classes, at a more competitive cost for their clients.

Jason Brown, Head of Distribution, BT, said: “BT aims to be the platform partner of choice and, as part of that, we assist with building the right product for advisers, alongside their investment partner. It’s been great to work together with Activam Group on a solution that suits the specific needs of Right Advice’s clients – including transparent portfolios, efficient rebalancing, and faster execution of changes.”

Robert Talevski, Founder and Managing Director of Activam Group, said: “Our commitment is to partner and grow with financial advisers and wealth practices such as the team at Right Advice. We're extremely pleased to deliver such a positive outcome for Right Advice and their clients.”

Right Advice Director, Matt Lewis, said the new investment model helps the financial planning firm to build a sustainable and competitive practice, and provide a positive end-to-end client experience.

Mr Lewis said: “BT and Activam Group helped our team to embed the new managed account solution across our advice practices, so that the transition from a tailored portfolio to the separately managed account could be as seamless as possible. We are excited to have the SMA available to us via the BT Panorama platform as this allows us to increase our efficiencies, whilst also lowering our cost to serve. This in turn allows us more time to foster relationships with clients.”

The Activam Group managed account will also be available to other advice practices, on request.

About Activam Group
Activam Group is an investment firm offering managed accounts, multi-asset portfolios and asset management. Activam partners closely with wealth practices to enhance client outcomes through the delivery of tailored services and investment solutions, with total funds under management and advice currently exceeding $5bn.

About Right Advice Wealth Management
Right Advice is a family-orientated, boutique financial planning firm with circa 210 client groups at present.

1. Funds under administration (FUA) in managed portfolios on BT Panorama increased by 18% in the year to 31 August 2023 ($11.31bn to $13.34bn).

2. The total number of managed portfolios on BT Panorama as of 31 August 2023 was 348. The growth of BT’s managed accounts reflects industry trends. One in two advisers (56%) are using managed accounts in their client portfolios. Among those who use managed accounts, 61% of them are allocating the majority (over 80%) of their typical client portfolio in a managed accounts structure (Investment Trends 2023 Managed Accounts Report).

3. Data on diversified portfolios is based on BT Panorama statistics.


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