Deductible personal super contributions lead adviser queries

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Deductible personal superannuation contributions are the top query from financial advisers according to BT Financial Advice’s (BTFA) Technical team in the June quarter, following super reforms allowing more Australians to use this strategy and top up their retirement savings.

BTFA Technical Consultant, Tim Howard said “The opportunity to claim a deduction for personal super contributions became available to more people following the 1 July 2017 superannuation reforms.”

“More clients are likely looking into this option given 2017/2018 is the first full financial year in which this option has become available to more people, after historically being available only to those who were self-employed.”

“The spike in queries for the June quarter is likely as clients are considering super as part of their end of financial year strategies” Mr Howard said.

“Clients can use this strategy to top up their super contributions before the end of financial year if they remain under the concessional contribution cap limits. Clients are able to contribute, if they choose, $25,000 per year in pre-tax money towards their super, inclusive of the Superannuation Guarantee and salary sacrificed contributions.

“Personal superannuation contributions may provide an alternative strategy beyond the salary sacrificing arrangements available through employers. Most importantly, clients who are employed can now claim a deduction for personal contributions if they meet the eligibility criteria” he said.

Previously, a 10 per cent maximum earnings test applied to determine if a client could claim a personal deduction for a contribution to super. This meant clients could only claim a deduction where less than 10 per cent of their income for the year was attributable to salary and wages.

Since 1 July 2017, the 10 per cent maximum earnings test has been removed, meaning clients with appropriate levels of assessable income can claim a tax deduction for a personal super contribution.

Clients aged between 65 and 74 may also be eligible to use this strategy if they meet the work test. Meaning that clients would need to be at least gainfully employed on a part time basis and working 40 hours in a period of up to 30 consecutive days to be eligible for personal super deductible contributions.
“If clients are considering making personal superannuation contributions as part of their financial strategy it’s important to keep in mind that all other existing rules and eligibility criteria remain the same” Mr Howard said.

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