New education standards set at Securitor and Licensee Select's 2014 Convention

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Securitor and Licensee Select made a record number of Continuing Professional Development or CPD points available to advisers attending their annual Convention last week.

Each Convention delegate had the opportunity to earn 22.75 CPD points – an increase of 30% from the CPD points available at the Securitor and Licensee Select Convention in 2013.

According to Securitor and Licensee Select managing director, Matt Englund, the increase in CPD points reflects the commitment and focus of its adviser network to ensure professionalism and education standards are at the core of its adviser community.

“Our advisers know that when they join Securitor or Licensee Select they are joining a focussed group of business leaders who are looking to set new standards in the financial planning industry,” he says.

“For them, CPD points are both an attractive and necessary part of their ongoing qualifications and reflect their ongoing commitment to deliver the best outcomes to their clients.”

Held in Hobart, Securitor and Licensee Select’s 2014 Convention boasted a total of 101 sessions held over four days, with 91 individual content submissions to be made from participating presenters.

In line with FPA guidelines, Englund says Securitor and Licensee Select have successfully raised the education standards of this year’s Convention by setting tight standards and expectations with all its content developers and presenters.

Further, the two businesses provided them with support around content development, the provision of individual and group briefings to facilitators and moderators as well as documented instructional design guides and templates.

“We are proud of our Convention, an annual conference to which our planners fund their own attendance. Securitor and Licensee Select’s 2014 Convention truly sets a new standard in education programs and is symbolic of the leadership and structure of our adviser network.” For more information please contact Fiona Harris – details are below.