BT Financial Group releases tablets to planners

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BT Financial Group has started one of the largest releases of tablets to bank financial planners and planner assistants - to deliver advice to clients anywhere and anytime.

The release marks a significant development in the way advice is experienced and delivered.

“We are committed to helping more Australians get advice and technology has an important role to play in achieving this,” BT Financial Group general manager bank financial planning, Mike Chesworth said.

“This is an exciting development in the industry and reflects how people are using technology in their everyday lives.”

The release will see close to 1,000 tablets being released - 563 to bank financial planners and 395 to planner assistants - working in Westpac, St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA.

As part of the release, the tablets are installed with Microsoft 8.0 and BT Financial Group’s ‘Your World’ tool which is designed to facilitate for better client conversations.

Released in a paper format last year and winner of the Australian International Design Award, ‘Your World’ helps financial advisers have better conversations with their clients by helping advisers uncover what’s important.

BT Financial Groups head of practice management for advice Wes Hall, said the release of the tablets and the online version of ‘Your World’ are part of the many enhancements BT Financial Group continues to put in place to improve advice.

“Our dedicated adviser website, our moves to paperless offices, and the release of a new application giving up-to-date technical information puts clients at the centre of everything we do,” Mr Hall said.

Microsoft has produced a Youtube vide that demonstrates the versatility of the tablets and shows the ‘Your World’ tool in action.