Experienced and well-resourced investment team with core competencies in portfolio construction and manager selection.

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Diverse team of experts leverage our scale and strategic partnerships to deliver investment solutions that are unique to BTIS.

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Our team of BDMs, investment specialists and portfolio managers are here to support our advisers through regular market commentary, investment articles, podcasts and much more.

Active strategies

Six active diversified portfolios managed by a highly-experienced and well-resourced investment team that focuses on maximising returns, minimising costs and managing risk.

A diversified individually managed account in which a portfolio manager works with advisers and clients to personally manage a client’s investment portfolio to their preferences. This is an investment for high-net-worth clients with at least $1 million to invest.

Five portfolios that are diversified across, and within, asset classes varying in risk to suit your individual needs.

For those investors or advisers that want to build their own portfolios, these sector funds provide diversified exposures to leading managers within a market sector.

Passive strategies

Five investment portfolios that provide cost effective and transparent exposure to market indices.

Five diversified market index funds providing passive, cost effective exposure to the markets.

A simple way to get share market exposure to the 20 largest companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


Sustainable investment adopts a long-term approach, seeking to add value or manage risks through a broader, more comprehensive approach to investment.

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