About us

About us

BT BT has been helping Australians prepare for the best since 1969. Today we help thousands of customers find superannuation, investment and insurance solutions to suit their personal needs and goals. We're also a specialist in financial advice.

Our reputation is built on our expertise in superannuation, investment, insurance and advice. We seek to help our customers become better investors and we work with them by offering guidance and tips to help them take the financial steps they need to achieve their personal and lifestyle goals.

At BT we understand that it's about more than just growing your wealth, making the most of your savings or controlling your super. It's about preparing for the best. For your best home, retirement, trip and heart's desires. For the best future for you and your loved ones. For the lifestyle and financial security you deserve.

Our award-winning and innovative products, combined with our easy to use and accessible services, can make it easier for you to prepare for your financial future.

We're part of BT Financial Group, the wealth management arm of The Westpac Group.