Take a new look at super with BT Super for Life

BT Super for Life will change the way you look at your super. A personal super fund you can conveniently manage online with your everyday banking.

BT Super for Life – Savings
A super account for your working life.

An everyday low fee* super account that integrates with your online banking and is easy to take from job to job.

BT Super for Life - Transition to Retirement

Designed specifically for working Australians aged 55-65 who would like to access part of their super while preparing for life after work. This may be for you if you are between 55 and 65 years old and not retired.

BT Super for Life – Retirement

The low fee* super account for when you’re ready to retire and want to withdraw money from your super. Regardless of age, your super fund is unrestricted non-preserved.

*Please refer to the PDS for further information regarding the fees and costs that apply to BT Super for Life