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Introducing a new pricing offer for Asgard eWRAP

Infinity eWRAP

At Asgard, we know no two clients are the same. And we know every adviser’s business model is unique. That’s why Infinity eWRAP is a fully customisable, pay-for-what-you-use platform. Infinity eWRAP is a smart solution for clients with lower balances or specific needs.

Infinity eWRAP starts with a low cost Core offer and provides a range of optional features so you can customise the platform to suit your client’s specific needs.

Investment menu flexibility – the Select investment menu offers access to over 80 managed investments. For the more sophisticated investors, you can access over 400 managed investments including shares on the Full investment menu.

Choice of insurance – our multiple insurance providers offer a selection of Life, Total and Permanent Disability, and Income Protection cover.

The good news is that clients only pay for the features they use, which may mean lower fees for many of your clients.

Our highly flexible adviser remuneration options give you the freedom to set up fee arrangements that best suit your business and the way you service your clients.

2018/19 heron Quality Star Rating

Asgard eWRAP

Asgard eWRAP provides you with a total solution to help you manage your clients’ accounts and execute a variety of financial strategies. It gives you access to cash, term deposits, more than 400 managed investments and a wide range of ASX listed securities.

Integration of insurance and margin lending allows Asgard eWRAP to be flexible enough to suit any planning business.  The wide range of online transacting options and reporting functionalities (through AdviserNET) offer an efficient solution for your clients and your business.

Asgard eWRAP has a transparent pricing model which provides you and your client with flexibility when determining the fee payable for the financial advice you provide.

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