Quarterly Super Guarantee payments deadline

1 April - 30 June cut-off

Just a reminder that the cut-off for this quarter's SG payment is 28 July 2017. To make this deadline, contributions need to be submitted to the clearing house by 15 June 2017.

Keep in mind

  • Payment timing. Some awards and contracts require superannuation to be paid more regularly (for example, monthly) than the Super Guarantee (SG) quarterly requirement.
  • Personal contributions. Make sure you pay these contributions on time, in accordance with the employee's terms of employment and any industrial award conditions.
  • Public holidays. If the SG cut-off date occurs on the weekend or a public holiday, payments can be made on the next working day.

What to do if your payment is late 

If you miss the cut-off date you may have to pay the SG charge and lodge an SG charge statement with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO has a calculator tool which helps you work out your SG liability and prepare the SG statement that you need to lodge with the ATO. To access the tool and download a copy of your SG statement, visit ato.gov.au/employersuper

Late payment offset
If you make a contribution into an employee’s super fund after the cut-off date, you may be able to use the contribution as an offset against your SG liability.
You can elect to apply the late payment offset if the payment is made into the employee’s super fund after the cut-off date but before an SG assessment is made. You can use late contributions to offset only the nominal interest and SG shortfall components of the SG contribution. The administration fee and other interest or penalties can’t be offset.

Please visit ato.gov.au/employersuper for more information. 

Things you should know:

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