Investing your super for your future with flexibility and choice

Everyone is different. And everyone has a different view on how involved they want to be in investing their super. With this in mind, your Westpac Group Plan has a range of investment options, offering you flexibility and choice when personalising your super investment mix.

You can leave the investing to us and let us manage the investment strategy with the ‘Lifestage’ investment option, or you can choose how your super is invested and adjust your investment mix whenever you wish.

Let us do the investing for you with our Lifestage investment options

If you don’t make a choice about how you’d like your super invested, your super will be invested in our Lifestage investment option – which is what we call our MySuper ‘default’ option.  

With the ‘Lifestage’ investment option – you leave the investing to us. We invest according to your age and automatically adjust the mix of how your super is invested throughout your working life so you can focus on saving for retirement – rather than investing. 

Our Lifestage investment approach is different to the ‘one size fits all’ balanced investment option that many other super funds offer members as their default option. That type of ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t take into account a member’s age, meaning that a 58-year-old approaching retirement is exposed to the same risk, and gets the same returns, as an 18-year-old who has just started their first job. They’d also be exposed to the same potential losses in times of market volatility, without as much time to make up their losses.

The aim of our ‘Lifestage’ investment options is to generate wealth over the long term by applying an age-appropriate exposure to risk, which is determined by the decade our members were born, from the 1940s through to the 2000s. This approach aims to maximise investment returns when you’re younger by investing more heavily in growth type investments like shares and property. And, over time, gradually reduces your exposure to riskier assets as you approach retirement to help protect your account balance should negative market events occur.

So, what types of assets do we invest in?

When we invest for you, we look at two broad types of assets classes:

1. Growth assets 

This includes assets such as shares and property, which are generally considered the most volatile assets – they’re likely to experience greater fluctuations in value, but also have the potential to generate higher returns over the longer term. 

2. Defensive assets 

This includes assets such as cash and fixed interest, which are generally considered to have lower levels of risk, and tend to produce lower, more stable returns. 

The percentage of your super allocated to these growth and defensive type assets will differ based on the decade in which you were born. 

The Lifestage investment option – strategic asset allocation (%)

Pie charts illustrating asset allocation for different lifestages. The older you are, the more we will invest in defensive assets. If you are younger, you will have a larger percentage invested in growth assets.

The growth and defensive asset allocations shown in the pie charts above apply from 1 July 2021. 

And when we invest your money in our Lifestage investment options, we incorporate sustainability in our investment approach. It’s not just about what we do and don’t invest in, it’s about making sure we invest in companies that do the right thing by society and the planet.

Read more about BT’s approach to sustainable investing.

Read more detail about BT’s approach to Lifestage investing.

What if I want to choose or change how my super is invested?

If Lifestage investing is not for you – and you’d like to be more involved in how your super is invested – we have a broad range of investment options for you to choose from, offering you the flexibility to personalise your super investment mix.

You can select one or more investment options from our investment menu, which features a wide range of leading global and local fund managers, and offers funds with different asset classes, levels of risk, and potential returns. 

You can blend specialist options like Australian and international shares, infrastructure, and global property – and pick the investment managers. Or choose from options of ready-mixed assets that we've selected.

If you are interested in investments that prioritise sustainability outcomes, you can choose to place some, or all, of your super in specific sustainable and ethical investment options, managed by our specialist fund manager partner Pendal.  

Read more about BT’s approach to sustainable investing.

Want more detail on the investment options you can choose from?

You can see the full list of all the investment options available to you by logging in to your account via online banking and going to the Product Information > Prices and Performance section. 

Learn more about personalising your investments.

Not sure how your super is currently invested?

Your super is your money – so it’s important to understand how it’s invested.  

You can view how your super is currently invested by logging into your account via online banking and go to the Product Information > Prices and Performance section. 

Can I change my investment choice?

If you want to make a change, you can do so at any time in your online account. Or if you need help, call us. We’d be happy to help.

How has my super been performing?

How your super is invested determines how it performs – that is, what rate of return you receive – over the short and long term. 

When comparing super fund performance, it’s a good idea to consider returns over the long term. Markets can fluctuate in the short term and your super is designed as a long-term investment to help fund your lifestyle in retirement.  

Our focus is growing your super by delivering returns over the long term to meet the lifestyle you want in retirement – while managing investment risk and market volatility.   

You can find all the detail about how your investment options have performed over the short and long term in the Past Performance information sheets online by logging into via online banking and go to the Product Information > Publications section. 

If you have any questions about your Super, contact us for more information.

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Superannuation is a long-term investment. The Government has placed restrictions on when you can access your preserved benefits. The Government has set caps on the amount of money you can add to superannuation each year on a concessionally taxed basis. In addition, the Government has set a non-concessional contributions cap. For more detail, speak with a financial adviser or visit the ATO website. There may be limited circumstances where your employer is not required to accept your Choice of Superannuation fund form e.g. if you have already exercised Super Choice in the last 12 months.