Prepare for Wrap year end

Wrap makes it easier for you to prepare for year end with our dedicated adviser year end resources. This site will be regularly updated with new information as it becomes available.

Important update: BT Wrap is preparing for a move

We have announced our intention to migrate BT Wrap accounts to BT Panorama. Visit the migration hub for all the latest updates and resources to help ensure a smooth migration. 

Wrap Tax Reports

We anticipate mailing our first tranche of Tax Reports in mid August. PAYG statements are available after the end of each quarter.

For quick and easy information related to interpreting  and explaining your client's Wrap Tax Statement please follow the links below.

Wrap Tax Guide 

Wrap Tax Guide - SMSF 


Tranche Estimated release dates Status Reports released
Tranche 1 9 August Completed 16,967
Tranche 2 30 August Completed 7,695
Tranche 3 14 September Completed 12,295
Tranche 4 30 September Completed 3,539
Tranche 5 15 October Completed 363
Tranche 6 15 November Completed 448

Wrap Estimator Tool

The Statement Estimator Tool provides you with an estimated statement delivery date for the following statements: 

  • Tax Statement (Wrap), and

  • Annual Statement (Wrap and SuperWrap). 

The estimated delivery date is based on information we receive from fund managers and share registries. It is a guide only and may change as we receive further information, so make sure you check back regularly. 

Access the Estimator Tool 

Please note: the dates shown for Investment Wrap Tax Statements presume that complete and correct tax information is received from the fund managers and share registries by our processing cut-off dates. We require 3-4 weeks processing time from the date we receive this component information. The dates may vary depending on factors such as the timeliness and accuracy of information we receive from fund managers and share registries.


SuperWrap Annual Statements, Income Payment Schedules (including Centrelink Schedule) and PAYG statements

We anticipate the statements will be mailed from the below dates:

  • PAYG - Friday 9 July
  • Income Payment Schedule - This will be delivered as a part of the Panorama statement delivery post migration 
  • Annual Statements - Tranche 1 - Early to Mid June, Tranche 2 - Mid October, Tranche 3 - Mid December

For quick and easy information relating to interpreting and explaining your client's SuperWrap Annual Statement and PAYG Statement please follow the links below. 

Guides to reading the SuperWrap Annual Statements are now available: 

Processing and transactions

Find day-to-day operational information here to help you service your clients at this busy time of year.

Deposit Options - how to contribute funds via EFT and BPAY

To make it easier for your SuperWrap and Investment Wrap clients we enable them to make deposits using EFT via internet banking, BPAY or by cheque at any Westpac branch in Australia.

Electronic Funds Transfer

To make payments via EFT or at a Westpac branch your client will need their individual account details. You can access these details by visiting the Adviser DeskTop and selecting:

My Clients > Client Details > Cheque and Deposit Facility Details (Investment Wrap)

My Clients > Client Details > Deposit Facility Details (SuperWrap)

Please note: all cheque and EFT deposits must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 16 June. EFT payments will need to be made by 5pm Friday 11 June (subject to issuing bank's processing time) to be received by the cut-off. 

BPAY Details

Your clients can also make member contributions into their SuperWrap account and deposits into their Investment Wrap account by using BPAY.

Product Customer Reference Number Biller code
Investment Wrap 0101 + investor number (excluding the M)
eg: for M01234567,
the CRN is 010101234567
SuperWrap 3401 + investor number (excluding the M)
eg: for M01234567,
the CRN is 340101234567
81927 - Member Contribution
81935 - Employer Contribution
81919 - Spouse Contribution

Please note: all BPAY deposits must be made by 5pm on Thursday 10 June.

Clients can access their individual account details by visiting the Investor DeskTop and selecting Home > Your Details

What is the effective date of the deposits using these methods?

  • Deposits made using EFT or BPAY will generally be effective on the date that Wrap receives the deposit. Clients will need to consult their financial institution to confirm the specific timeframe for processing an EFT into Wrap.

  • Deposits made via cheque at any Westpac branch will generally be effective the same day (provided that this day is a business day). The monies will not be available for transacting until after the cheque has cleared.

Income distributions and tax components tracker – what we have/haven’t received

To help you manage your clients’ queries and expectations, our ‘Income distributions and tax components tracker’ spreadsheet will show you the income distributions and tax components we’ve already received from fund managers and what’s outstanding.

The spreadsheet will be updated from early July and is available on the Adviser DeskTop via Products & Research > Distributions Timetable

About income distributions

The majority of income distributions are reconciled and processed in July. However, some fund managers may not make payments until significantly later and this can delay some clients' distribution payments. 

About Tax Reports

To produce Tax Reports we rely on the receipt of tax components from the fund manager or share registry of every managed fund or share a client was invested in during the financial year. We anticipate sending our first tranche of Tax Reports on Monday 9 August 2021.

AMIT regime

The majority of managed investment funds have now opted into the Attribution Managed Investment Trust (AMIT) regime. For information relating to the tax consequences for clients who hold investments in these funds,  please refer to the relevant BT Wrap Tax Guide (updated early July)

Accountant Resources

For quick and easy information related to interpreting and explaining your client's Wrap Tax Statement please follow the links below. 

Guides to reading the Wrap tax Statement (updated early July)

Refer to the FAQs flyer for common questions and answers on year end statements.

Electronic downloads of client statements

To enable you utilise various software programmes we provide the ability to download client Tax Statement information.  Below is a summary of the main tools available.

BGL Download

BGL Simple Fund data download or CSV file. If you do not use the wrap DeskTop you can request a data download through your client's financial adviser.

If reading the guides above does not solve any of your queries you may have to can contact BGL directly via one of the methods below:


Wrap clients can permit you, their accountant, to access their Wrap account Statements via BankLink by completing a BankLink Client Authority form. You then provide the form to BankLink. BankLink will establish the client on their software and forward the authority to BT who will include the client in the Download to BankLink.

If you would like further information you can visit the BankLink website at or go to an online demo video at



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Find answers to commonly asked questions (FAQs) about the lead up to 30 June, Investor Reports, Tax Reports and more here.

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