Business Overhead insurance

Business Overheads can be vital to the survival of a business. It pays a monthly benefit to help cover the day to day costs of running a business for up to 12 months, if the insured person is disabled because of sickness or injury and is unable to work at their full capacity in their business. Business Overheads is available as a standalone policy.

How can Business Overheads help your client’s business

Business Overheads can help with cash flow and can provide much needed funds for business expenses such as:

  • Accountants’ and auditors’ fees

  • Advertising costs

  • Electricity, gas and various other utility bills

  • Phones

  • The business’ rent and property rate

  • Leasing costs of equipment and vehicles

  • Salaries of non-income-producing employees

  • Subscriptions to professional bodies and publications

  • Net costs associated with employing a locum after the insured person becomes totally disabled to perform the work normally performed by them

Ownership and tax information

Business Overheads is generally owned by the business entity, sole trader or partners (in the case of a partnership). It cannot be held within superannuation.

The premium for Business Overheads is generally tax deductible and paid benefits are treated as assessable income.

BT Protection Plans

All BT Protection Plans provide the following features, to ensure your client is receiving the most value out of their policy:

  • CPI increases

  • Guaranteed renewable

  • Guaranteed upgrades

  • Loyalty Benefit

  • Multi-Policy discount

  • Premium Holiday

  • Worldwide cover – 24 hours a day.

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