Introducing BT Wrap Open, offering a simplified pricing structure that could  mean lower administration fees for your clients.

Account keeping fees for BT Wrap Open and BT SuperWrap Open

  • Asset-based fee (or Tiered fee)    
    0.15% p.a.    for account balances up to $1 million, capped

  • Account-based fee (or Fixed fee)
    $540 p.a.  

Note: Effective 1 April 2020 and until further notice, the transaction account balance will be temporarily excluded from the calculation of the account keeping fee payable on the transaction account portion of account.

Pricing is subject to change. Other fees and costs apply, including Cash Account fees, expense recoveries and brokerage fees. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or other disclosure documents for more information on fees and costs.

As part of our ongoing plans to streamline our offer and provide you with the best possible platform experience, we intend to migrate BT Wrap accounts to BT Panorama in the coming months. On BT Panorama you can access smart technology and a platform that drives business efficiency and client value.

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A guide to compare admin fees of BT Wrap to another platform.

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Read more about our BT Wrap Open offer

1. Read the disclosure documents

It’s important to note that there are some Wrap features not available on BT Wrap Open or BT SuperWrap Open. They are:

  • Capital protection

  • Margin lending

  • Related account pricing

  • Ability to accept transfers of super benefits containing UK monies

  • Term allocated pensions

  • Unsupported assets

    - Warrants
    - Exchange traded options
    - Listed Treasury bonds
    - Employee preference shares
    - Derivatives (Index, interest rate, grains, energy)

2. Access for you

You can obtain access to the BT Wrap Open and BT SuperWrap Open offers simply by completing the registration form below. If your dealer group hasn’t yet registered, they will also need to complete the necessary registration form. If you have any queries regarding setting up your access you can call us on 1300 783 143.

If you're currently registered for Wrap, there will be no changes to your login details. You will be given an additional adviser (F) number to use to access the BT Wrap Open offers.

3. Access for your clients

Moving an existing BT Wrap or BT SuperWrap client to BT Open pricing

Complete the Transferring Investor Registration Form or Bulk Transferring Investor Registration Form and return the form to

Your client’s account number and log in details remain unchanged. Client assets do not need to be redeemed or in-specie transferred in order to move to BT Open pricing on BT Wrap Open or BT SuperWrap Open.

This short video for financial advisers outlines the process to move existing BT Wrap and BT SuperWrap clients to the new BT Wrap Open offers

Accessing BT Wrap Open or BT SuperWrap Open pricing for a new client account

Use our application wizard to get started on a new client application. You can find it on the Wrap desktop via Support » Forms » Access the Investor Registration Wizard.

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