Model Portfolios

Wrap Model Portfolio Tools deliver the potential for even greater efficiencies to your business, with bulk rebalancing, the ability to tailor limits for individual clients and easy monitoring via Desktop reports.

Please note BT Wrap is closed to new investors from 1 March 2021.

As part of our ongoing plans to streamline our offer and provide you with the best possible platform experience, we intend to migrate BT Wrap accounts to BT Panorama in the coming months. On BT Panorama you can access smart technology and a platform that drives business efficiency and client value.


Spend less time delivering tailored solutions.

Wrap's Model Portfolio Tools can make it simpler, faster and more cost-effective to manage and rebalance listed securities and/or managed funds model portfolios and to tailor those models to meet the specific needs of individual clients where required. 

1 - Select Model

You can easily search for and find the models available to you on the Desktop. Once you have found the models you can select one or more models to amend, link clients to or rebalance.

2 - Link clients

You can link a client to a model or model blend consisting of 2 or more models.

Wrap Models - Select Model and Link Clients

3 - Tailor portfolio

Where required, you can easily customise the model for individual clients, including amending the investment allocation and method for each client. You can deliver a personalised portfolio to those clients who require it with much less effort.

Wrap Models - Tailor Portfolio

4 - Rebalance

Our bulk rebalancing functionality means that you can select a model to rebalance for a set of clients. The rebalance can then automatically be run for each of the clients you selected without having to submit individual instructions for each client.

Wrap Models - Rebalance Multiple Clients

5 - Review orders created

The Model Portfolio Tools allow you to save, retrieve, generate and submit rebalance orders at once for a single client or across a batch of clients. The individual orders required to execute the rebalance are automatically created and available on one page for your review. You can make any individual tweaks required, such as deleting or amending individual orders, before submitting all of the orders with the click of one button.

Wrap Models - Review Orders Created

6 - Submit orders

Once you have reviewed orders created by rebalancing a model and have made any specific adjustments requirements for any individual clients, you can easily submit all of the orders. You simply tick the confirmation box where appropriate, enter your password and click the submit button.

Wrap Models - Submit Orders

7 - View order

A consolidated order status screen ensures you can easily monitor the progress of all orders on one screen. You can use the search criteria to select the group of orders you wish to check on and a status will show for each individual order.  

Wrap Models - View Order Status

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