As part of our ongoing plans to streamline our offer and provide you with the best possible platform experience, we intend to migrate BT Wrap accounts to BT Panorama in the coming months. On BT Panorama you can access smart technology and a platform that drives business efficiency and client value.

A Compact Solution

BT Compact Wrap features

  • Low, simple fee structure: No transaction fees, no switching fees, no exit fees, no minimum fees.

  • Reduced investment costs: Access reduced investment costs on over 45 Wholesale Plus managed funds and no transaction fees.

  • Simple yet sufficient investment menu: Investment menu includes 45 Wholesale Plus Funds, 5 Advance multi-manager funds, 5 BT Index single sector funds, term deposits, life insurance and margin lending.

  • Low touch administration: Use tools like Preferred Portfolios and Model Portfolios to implement a low touch service model while still delivering value to clients with lower balances and less complex needs.

  • Available for investment, super and pension clients

Features and options

Just like Wrap, only compact

BT Compact Wrap comes with many of the same features you’ve come to know and love on Wrap but is more compact, simple and cost-effective for lower balance clients. With its simple fee structure, compact investment menu and easy administration it is suitable for a range of clients.

Your One Wrap account

Compact Wrap operates in a similar way to our standard Wrap and SuperWrap products with a Wrap Cash Account at its heart and offering transactional, reporting and administrative assistance to help you operate more efficiently.

Investment options

  • Wholesale Plus Funds
    Reduced investment costs on over 45 Wholesale Plus managed funds.

  • BT index single sector options 

  • Advance Multimanager Funds
    For those clients who prefer to invest in a fund with built in diversity.

  • Term Deposits 
    Access to Westpac’s term deposits with attractive rates and a variety of terms, allowing clients to keep all their investments in the one place.

  • Life Insurance Options
    Discounts on all BT Protection Plans.

  • Geared Wrap
    Allowing clients to gear their investments.

  • Cash
    The cash account can be linked to an external bank account for easy transfer of funds.

Efficiency Tools

  • Model Portfolio Tools
    Set-up, customise, monitor and rebalance a range of model portfolios to provide a tailored yet efficient solution for your clients.

  • Preferred Portfolios
    Automatically rebalance clients’ portfolios to follow a predetermined investment strategy.

  • Data Downloads
    Save time populating relevant information into your financial planning tools.

  • Consolidated Reporting
    Make tax time easier for clients with a consolidated report.

  • Transition to full Wrap
    If the client’s needs become more complex over time you can in specie transfer to the full Wrap offering.


  • No Hidden Costs for Clients

    • No transaction fees
    • No switching fee
    • No Portfolio Facility fee
    • No exit fees
    • No minimum fees
  • Low Admin Fee

    • 0.40% pa Account keeping fee (applied to the portfolio value excluding  cash holdings)
    • 0.0836% pa trustee fee for super  clients
    • Note: An annual expense recovery may apply (currently estimated to be $80 for investment clients and $145 per SuperWrap clients) which is related to the cost of implementing legislative changes

    Note: Effective 1 April 2020 and until further notice, the transaction account balance will be temporarily excluded from the calculation of the account keeping fee payable on the transaction account portion of account.

  • Low Cash Minimum
    Allows clients to maintain a low cash minimum of just $500.

  • BT Support Services
    All the support you need including the backing of skilled BT Business Development Managers, phone and email access to a team of customer service professionals, and free comprehensive training for you and your team.

  • 24/7 Online Access

Client Strategies

Cradle to Grave

Australia’s population is ageing, with the proportion of people aged 75 or over expected to increase from about 6.4% to 14.4% of the population by 2060. This trend creates a need for financial planners to build a future stream of business for younger clients that will become full advice clients over time, but may only have simple advice needs when they first engage a planner.

Download client strategy - Cradle to Grave (PDF 76 KB)

Starting out

BT Compact Wrap is the perfect solution for investors just starting out. These clients are generally young, price-sensitive and looking to build wealth. So combine BT Compact Wrap with a regular investment plan into a Wholesale Plus Fund, for a cost-effective portfolio that can be easily transitioned to a full Wrap when the client’s needs change and grow. This allows you to engage with new clients, develop relationships and build foundations for the future. This could also assist you in retaining FUA when a transfer of wealth occurs from one client to another such as in the case of an inheritance.

Download client strategy - Just starting out (PDF 73 KB)

Consolidate Super

Need a cost-effective solution for clients looking to consolidate their super? Simply consolidate super funds into BT Compact Wrap and invest the balance in Wholesale Plus Funds. This will provide a competitively priced, transparent solution for super accumulators, which is low on admin for you.

Download client strategy - super consolidation (PDF 73 KB)

Low touch clients

If you have clients with straightforward needs, simply use BT Compact Wrap with a Preferred Portfolio for a cost-effective and efficient solution. Preferred Portfolios automatically rebalance, ensuring your client’s preferred investment strategy is maintained without you having to manually review the portfolio. This will allow you to take on new clients and provide value, while still leaving time to focus on your core business.

Download client strategy - Low touch clients (PDF 73 KB)

Cost conscious clients

For cost conscious clients, combine BT Compact Wrap with a diversified selection of Wholesale Plus Funds. This will provide a cost-effective solution with a transparent fee structure that is easy to explain. Your clients gain access to well-rated funds at a reduced investment cost.

Download client strategy - cost conscious clients (PDF 73 KB)

Life insurance clients

Compact Wrap is a great solution for clients whose main priority is cost-effective life insurance. While your client benefits from discounts on the whole suite of BT Protection Plans, having them on a platform also lays the foundation for gradually moving to a more holistic relationship over time.

BT Compact Wrap appeals to a range of clients, supporting a variety of growth strategies for your business. There is a whole new generation of clients who are looking to start investing but don’t need all features of a full Wrap. With its range of clear-cut benefits, BT Compact Wrap allows you to tap into this potential, delivering straightforward solutions and developing long-lasting relationships for the future.

Download client strategy - Life insurance (PDF 73 KB)

Wholesale Plus

Over 45 Wholesale Plus Funds

In an environment where more and more investors are seeking quality investments at a lower price, Wholesale Plus Funds help you deliver value to your clients.

BT and a range of fund managers have worked together to give Compact Wrap clients access to the full range of over 45 Wholesale Plus funds which offer a reduced investment cost. Wholesale Plus funds cover a range of popular and well-rated wholesale funds from reputable fund managers, delivering the same underlying investments to your clients but with a lower ongoing cost.

Wholesale Plus Funds are:

  • Well-rated: Each of the underlying funds is rated ‘recommended’ or ‘highly recommended’ by research houses.

  • High Quality: Invested entirely in the underlying wholesale funds of the same name, the Wholesale Plus Funds will be awarded a sibling rating.

  • Reputable: The same investments many of your clients already know and love delivered by reputable fund managers.

  • Diverse: With access to 45 well-rated and popular funds covering all major sectors, you can build a diversified portfolio for you client at a very competitive price. Many of the funds are included in research house model portfolios.

  • Exclusive to BT: Available only on BT Platforms for Investment, Super and Pension clients.




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