BT Wrap

Please note BT Wrap is closed to new investors from 1 March 2021.

As part of our ongoing plans to streamline our offer and provide you with the best possible platform experience, we intend to migrate BT Wrap accounts to BT Panorama in the coming months. On BT Panorama you can access smart technology and a platform that drives business efficiency and client value.

Who is this for?

BT Wrap is designed for investors who want an extensive choice of managed funds, listed securities and term deposits with the option of margin lending, and integrated insurance. The minimum investment for BT Wrap is $50,000.

BT SuperWrap is designed for clients who want choice, flexibility and control in building their retirement nest egg. The structure of SuperWrap can be ideal for clients wanting certain features of an SMSF, including potential tax benefits, without the additional administration and compliance responsibilities of running an SMSF.

Key benefits

  • Efficiency for advisers

    BT Wrap provides a full online trading facility and model portfolio functionality that cuts down on the four areas that eat up most of your time – compliance, client reviews, portfolio construction and implementation. The custodial holdings option can save you time from share registry paperwork and can allow for participation in corporate actions and IPOs online. Comprehensive reporting and eStatements offer you an instantaneous and complete view of your client business. You can also easily download client data into a range of financial planning/accounting software.

  • Broad investment choice

    The Wrap platform offers investors a choice of over 700 managed funds with fund profiles and research information. With BT Wrap, investors can access the full ASX investment menu (or securities in the S&P/ASX 300 for BT SuperWrap). Your clients can also choose from a selection of Westpac Term Deposits, make use of a cash account, and integrated margin lending.

  • Easy transactions

    Enjoy total convenience with 24 hour access and control of the platform – for you or your clients. Margin lending and regular withdrawal facilities are available for BT Wrap, while online deposits are available for both BT Wrap and BT SuperWrap (withdrawals placed before 3pm Sydney-time are completed overnight). The platform’s online validation reduces errors including missing information, meaning less time wasted in follow-up calls to clients. If you do need any assistance using the platform, we can provide free Wrap DeskTop training.

Tax advantages for BT Wrap

  • Tax can be calculated at the individual level, providing a consolidated tax report of your client’s income and capital gains.

  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can be optimised according to your client's investment strategy.

  • You can access a PAYG statement on a quarterly basis, allowing your client to choose whether to use the ATO notional instalment amount or an amount based on actual income.

  • Interest paid on any margin loan may be tax deductible (and can be pre-paid up to a year in advance).

Tax advantages for BT SuperWrap

  • Tax treatment is individualised (providing the benefit of tax deductions, capital losses and offsets, that arise from the activities each client undertakes within their own account).

  • Insurance premiums are generally tax deductible to the super fund, and the benefits are passed back directly to the client.

  • Franking credits are applied directly to the client’s account.

  • Excess deductions within a client's account are used to reduce BT SuperWrap's total tax liability and the resulting benefit is passed back to the client's account.

  • When a client doesn't have sufficient capital gains available to offset their losses, SuperWrap will attempt to apply the client's excess capital losses against other capital gains derived by BT SuperWrap. Where a client's excess capital losses can be offset against capital gains at the BT SuperWrap fund level, the client will receive the benefit. The benefit is passed back to the client as a credit or reduced tax liability, allowing them to utilise the benefit of the capital loss earlier than would otherwise be possible.

  • The transfer process from accumulation to pension phase is seamless as assets do not need to be sold down and clients do not need to realise any capital gains in the taxed accumulation phase as a result of transferring to the pension phase. Clients can therefore avoid unnecessary CGT and fees when moving into the pension phase.

  • Eligible dependant beneficiaries who receive a lump sum benefit upon death of the client may receive any applicable anti-detriment payments.

Consolidated reporting on demand

Both BT Wrap and BT SuperWrap provide you with comprehensive reporting on your business and clients. Reports for your clients include Quarterly statements for Wrap and PAYG statements for SuperWrap; Annual reports and statements, tax statements, Income Payment Schedules and PAYG Payment Summaries for Pension Plans, Annual Statement for Personal Super Plan and Pension Plans, Annual Report for SuperWrap.

Your adviser fees

Wrap offers a variety of options that can assist with charging specific fees for the services you provide to the client in relation to your client accounts. For instance, you can set the level of up-front and ongoing advice fees as a percentage or dollar amount, or you can charge one-off advice fees. Depending on how you’re set up, these fees can be paid to your Head Agent, or into your bank account directly.

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