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04 May 2021
With the 2021 Federal Budget just around the corner, we sat down with Peter Burgess, Deputy CEO and Director of Policy and Education from the SMSF Association to discuss a number of proposals put forward to Government in the SMSF Association’s pre-budget submission. With a number of proposals equally relevant for the broader super environment, this should be compulsory listening for financial advisers ahead of any announcements next week.
29 Apr 2021
Several temporary Covid-19 social security measures were amended at the end of March. Many have ended, some were adjusted, and we will look at these changes in detail.
26 Apr 2021
Matt Harvey is joined by two fixed Interest portfolio managers, Eu Joe Chan (BT Investment Solutions) and Jay Sivapalan (Janus Henderson) to discuss the recent volatility in bond markets. Eu Joe explains the cause for negative returns over the first quarter of this year while Jay provides his outlook for inflation and opportunities for active management in the year ahead.
22 Apr 2021
This week the Financial Services Counsel released its Financial Advice Green Paper, which has proposed a number of possible reforms to the way advice is delivered to clients, including changes to the best interests duty and documentation requirements. In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Blake Briggs, Deputy CEO of the Financial Services Council to discuss the green paper and these important issues.
16 Apr 2021
With the legislation passed to give effect to the annual consent provisions, and ASIC having released its legislative instruments, many advisers are turning their mind to the question of whether a fixed term agreement is better than an on-going fee arrangement. In this podcast we look at this issue and ask is one approach any better than the other?
09 Apr 2021
As 30 June approaches, in this podcast we discuss end of financial year advice opportunities, particularly those unique to 2020/21.
01 Apr 2021
With the annual consent finalised in Parliament, ASIC has now released legislative instruments to provide further detail as well as a Report responding to consultation on the measures. In this podcast we look into this additional information to see how it can assist through the annual consent processes.
26 Mar 2021
As we move closer toward the end of the financial year, in this podcast we discuss the ongoing proposed change to the bring-forward rule, plus indexation of contribution caps.
19 Mar 2021
Recent exam results from FASEA have shown there are a large number of advisers still to successfully pass the FASEA exam, but there is still time to make it. And given the current environment, the opportunities for providing advice are increasing.
12 Mar 2021
As we celebrate international women’s day this week, in this podcast we highlight the gender gap raised as part of the retirement income review findings.
15 Mar 2021
In this first episode, Matt Harvey is joined by Joel Grosvenor, Portfolio Manager for the CoreSeries portfolios. Matt & Joel discuss the major changes implemented across the portfolios since inception, areas of focus in the year ahead and take a deeper dive into a piece of research Joel recently published, highlighting the unusually large dispersion in active returns amongst Australian Equity managers over 2020.
05 Mar 2021
Annual consent legislation has received Royal Assent and will apply from 1 July 2021. In this podcast, we explore additional issues that aren’t addressed by the legislation for which clarity is needed for successful implementation of these measures.
26 Feb 2021
Annual consent legislation has passed parliament, but with it are measures that focus on the independence of advisers. In this podcast, we discuss these further as well as the indexation of superannuation contribution caps from 1 July 2021.
19 Feb 2021
In a week where the news has been largely focussed on the news -or a lack of news – this week’s podcast looks at the news to report from Federal Parliament
15 Feb 2021
This week’s podcast looks at issues being floated for changes to super as we edge towards the 2021 Federal Budget.

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