What’s the future for SMSFs? Looking towards 2030


With continued political, media and public interest in the superannuation industry, the role of SMSFs going forward may be paramount to the industry's sucess. Now might be the perfect time to consider how SMSFs fit into the future of the Australian superannuation landscape.

What does a successful SMSF and superannuation landscape look like in the year 2030?
What are the scenarios that Australians may face in the next ten years?
What will the SMSF sector need to do to stay relevant?

This new thought leadership paper provides insight into where the SMSF sector is heading and how that may affect your business and your clients.

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Downsizer contributions mean your clients could consider investing the proceeds of the sale of their family home to their superannuation (if eligible). Find out more.
SMSF trustees have a number of duties under law. Penalties include education directions, financial penalties and making the SMSF non-complying.
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SMSFs are generally subject to the same contribution rules as other superannuation funds, with the exception of a couple of situations.
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