Protecting your clients with Wrap Capital Protection

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How do you balance the need to invest for growth whilst protecting clients against the kind of losses that can derail their retirement plans? Wrap Capital Protection can be a suitable solution. View case studies outlining strategies to help clients manage risk, approach retirement and receive a minimum benefit.

Case Studies:

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Platform Strategies 29 May 2018
Almost a third of an Australian financial planner’s time is spend on compliance and administration, compared to a global average of less than 20% highlighting the need for advisers to find more efficient ways of operating. Core data in their report Adviser efficiency: Business Processes in Australia reach the conclusion that if advisers can find a way to reduce some of this administrative burden, it has a tangible impact on the profitability of their business.
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Insurance Strategies 27 Apr 2018
Paula Bourke, National Head of Claims for life insurance at BT explains the importance of income protection.
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Insurance Strategies 27 Apr 2018
Insurance to cover the absence of a key person may assist in keeping the business running, by replacing lost revenue, repaying debts and/or finding a replacement.
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