Webinar: how to structure your practice for managed accounts


SMA, MDA, off-the-shelf, licensed or tailored? What is the best managed account option for your business? Get the answers and learn more about the ways how managed accounts work.

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Managed Accounts Strategies 29 May 2019
Managed accounts can help streamline the way how you provide financial advice to your clients however they need to be implemented properly to be successful. Find out what is required to move your business to managed accounts.
Managed Accounts Strategies 29 May 2019
Financial advisers focus more than ever on increased client engagement and practice efficiencies. How can managed accounts help you achieve these goals, and what benefits do advisers quote who already use managed accounts for their clients?
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Managed Accounts Strategies 29 May 2019
From increased business efficiency, to compliance support and building stronger client relationships. Discover the types of managed accounts and the benefits they can deliver.